Friday, February 18, 2011

**** Fantastic Chateau Dumas Workshop Giveaway 2011****

Last October Chrissie and her daughter Terri came to our Reinventing French Textiles workshop at Chateau Dumas, our beautiful 18th century chateau and 22-acre estate in southwest France.

We had an absolutely brilliant week! The sun shone, we visited atmospheric country flea markets and rummaged in boxes, we made beautiful bags and gorgeous cushions in the studio and we went wild dyeing with woad in the woods. Our group of 8 was expertly led by our wonderful tutor, Ros Badger, author of craft book “Homemade” and a talented stylist (

Chrissie said she thought the whole world should hear about our workshops – and I totally agree! In fact I’m delighted to announce here that I will offer one lucky person a free place on one of our workshops this year.

So if you think that you might enjoy a week of creativity in a luxury Chateau then please take part in our competition. The winner will enjoy a free place on a Chateau Dumas workshop, worth at least 1400 euros. It includes accommodation, all meals, tuition, trips to markets and factories (flight to Toulouse, France not included).

As well as our Reinventing Textiles, we have Jewellery, Millinery (from a milliner who used to make hats for the Queen and Princess Diana no less!) Painting, and a Festive French Country workshop. Chrissie has asked me to guest blog over the next few weeks and tell you a little about each workshop in turn – thanks Chrissie.

You can see our full creative workshop programme at
We’re also on facebook   you can  email me to join our mailing list at or you can follow us on twitter

A bientot, Lizzie

Thanks so much Lizzie, now does that not just get your creative juices going, but firstly let me say again a huge thank you to Lizzie for her very generous offer  and whoever wins this fantastic prize is in for a real treat.

I'm sure you are all wondering what it is you have to do to enter the competition and have a chance of winning this fabulous prize. Well, we're going to make it very easy for you.

First of all you'll need to go onto the Chateau Dumas website, look at the 2011 Creative Workshop programme and choose the workshop you would most like to attend. Then, to enter the competition, you simply leave your name and the title of your preferred workshop in the comment box at the bottom of this blog. You can add an extra comment if you like, but you must tell us which workshop you would most like to attend. Lizzie will then pick a name randomly 'from the hat' on 31 March and the lucky winner's name will be announced on the blog. What could be simpler?

Lizzie will pop in from time to time between now and 31st March to tell you a bit more about the individual workshops. You can also Like Chateau Dumas facebook page for more updates: www.facebookcom/ChateauDumas

Rules for Entry
1. Please follow my blog
2.Only one entry per person. The competition is open to anyone aged 18 years or over. Giveaway is open worldwide.
3.Winner agrees to give an interview at the Chateau and to publicity on the blog, facebook and twitter
4. The workshop place must be taken in 2011 and is subject to availability
5.The competition starts on 18th Feb and will end at midnight on 31st March
6. The winner's name will be posted on the blog on the 1st April
7. Return airfare to Toulouse and transport from the airport to the Chateau are not included (transfers available for 30E per person each way)
8. The prize includes accommodation, meals, tuition and trips. Many materials are included; some materials are extra and can be bought at the Chateau.


Really looking forward to meeting you at the Chateau


londijer said...

Oh LA LA LA LA!!! Is this a fairy tale or what?!!! Someone pinch me & wake me up...please!!
There is nothing in the world I would enjoy more than a week of creativity in a luxury Chateau!! EVERY SINGLE one of these workshops feels as if they were created just for me & they are totally up my alley!
Hummmm so had to choose just 1 and I would be happy with any one of them! But if I have to choose now it would be this one!
Upcycling vintage and new French textiles
I will go follow on twitter & go to fb! I will try to promote this as well! I can't wait to find out who the winner will be.... mais j'espère que c'est moi!
Thank you Chrissie & Chateau Dumas, for this beautiful dream that could come true!

londijer said...

OK, Hummmmmmm Well if nobody wants to enter I will be happy to be the winner!!
COME ON PEOPLE!! I do enjoy a little bit of competition! ;) ;) ;)

peggy said...

do not make hasty judgements, londijer...i want to win the contest, too...and i will spread the word in the united fb accounts will do it.
i would love to reacquaint myself with painting, and september at chateau dumas in france would be glorious..may i choose the
master painting class?
i would come to it as a beginner and either date would be fine..
unless one is more advanced than the other., or my twitter account landpwc [now following you]..
thank you chrissie
btw..facilitutors on my fb page nicely posted your link..and i am grateful

Sonia Hawes said...

I'd like to attend any of the courses but FESTIVE FRENCH COUNTRY WORKSHOP particularly appeals
linked to you through facilitutors - they're fab too!

Saretta said...

What a super-fantastic giveaway! All of the courses look wonderful, but this one especially appeals to me:
11-18 SEPTEMBER 2011.

I've got my fingers crossed!

Malikhaing Pinay said...

Wow! I would love to part of the JEWELLERY MAGIC course.

Hoping and praying...

bibbitybob said...

What a fantastic competition, thank you! My friend Carolyn attended a course here (I spot her in the group photograph!) and it sounded amazing so she's sent me over here to try my luck too. I'd love to win a place on the Festive French Country Workshop. Fingers crossed :) x

dementia said...

Oh my! So much great workshops to choose from. I would love to take Millinery Masterclass and Reinventing French Textiles.

Chateau Dumas is gorgeous! I was drooling while looking at the photos on their website!

kareninsilver (at) gmail

Some Lucky Dog said...

Chateau Dumas looks like pure heaven! All the workshops look wonderful and so fun. My first choice would be the Painting Masterclass (either date). I've taken some painting classes already and am craving more instruction. How wonderful it would be to spend a week learning techniques in more than one medium and in such an inspiring place. Thanks for the chance to win a workshop!

(someluckydog at gmail dot com)

Danette said...

This would be a dream trip! Je voudrais! Moi, Moi, Moi!

Glimpse Creations said...

What a dream come true this would be! I just moved from Canada to Paris, and finished the couture embroidery course at Lesage. I would love to take the MILLINERY MASTERCLASS: Total Beginner Level with Dillon Wallwork. This would be such a great skill to learn and incorporate with my couture embroidery! Please pick me!!!!

Debbykay said...

A class at Chateau Dumas is a dream come true!! Everything about Chateau is superb. The millinery class with Dillon is amazing! How I would love to take a class at Chateau--any of them would be amazing. Would it be possible to have another dream come true by winning a week a Chateau? I would be thrilled to learn with Dillon in the Millinery class, the festive French country workshop or even reinventing French textiles! How can one even choose from such offerings?! I just hope that I can be a lucky one that is picked for a workshop at a little piece of heaven. What a dream come true!!

Erin said...

Gosh this would simply be amazing! I love the idea of being able to create in such a peaceful and inspiring setting.

I could love to attend the 'Jewellery Magic' workshop- it sounds wonderful!

Thanks for the opportunity.

I am a follower via GFC (Erin C)


Anonymous said...

Sounds a fantastic opportunity - look forward to winning!

Anonymous said...

How lovely! A millinary course! I love hats - wear them all the time! I think it takes a special kind of person to be a hat wearer! So the prospect of meeting other "special" people really appeals to me! Enter me into the competition - lovely!

Lizzie said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments about Chateau Dumas and our workshops. I'm so glad the winner's name will come 'out of the hat' otherwise I would be tempted to give you all a free place because you all sound so nice! Thanks to those who've Liked our Facebook page (trying to build up the following). Good luck to all of you, Lizzie

Sue Berry said...

What a generous prize! I am already dreaming of the Painting Course. A week in sunny France with no cooking... no housework... no hassles... just to sit and paint! Good luck to everyone!

artsy ant simona said...

oh, how wonderful! unfortunately i'm currently living in the states and flight tickets have never been more expensive... so i wouldn't be able to make it.
your place is simply beautiful though, how i'd love to visit one day! and those workshops sound like the biggest fun ever!

Amanda said...

Yes please! What a generous and exquisite gift to the winner...I hope it is me :9 then I will join the PAINTING MASTERCLASS with Joan Lawson 11-18 SEPTEMBER 2011! Good luck to us all and thanks to Chateau Dumas.

Sandra Hanks said...

What a fantastic idea - After a busy Summer season for me in SW France, I would love to win the chance of attending the Festive French Country Workshop in October at your beautiful Chateau Dumas. I will promote this competition on my blog: Good luck everyone! :-)

Kim said...

J'adore Chateau Dumas!

cardigon said...

Would love to work at making 'hats'... the Millinery Masterclass.. Beginner level sounds great.. thanks for the chance..

NANCY said...

If only it could be me !!!!!! Thanks Chrissie for sending me this fabulous site and blog - I'd love to try my hand at jewellery in June at the chateau so choose
this workshop JEWELLE
RY MAGIC. I've already dabbled in lots of recycled objects and am an ardent vide-grenier goer and seller. Best of all, I live in France, not far from Caussade !! NANCY

Huiyi Tan said...

What a great giveaway!!! Gorgeous place and very interesting workshop!!! Wish I could visit the place one day.

Best of luck to everyone who enters this giveaway!

yo soy de jupiter said...

Is this giveaway for real? It's the coolest prize I've ever seen in a blog!
Love to win it!

CYBELLE said...

This is THE BEST giveaway ever! I really wanna win!!!
I'd like to attend any of the courses but FESTIVE FRENCH COUNTRY WORKSHOP particularly is exciting me!

Amanda Williams said...

This sounds like it is straight out of my dreams! I would LOVE to attend the REINVENTING FRENCH TEXTILES with Ros Badger
14-21 MAY 2011! what a fabulous experience. bonne chance to all - but I hope it is moi!


It does seem like a perfect opportunity to learn and in glorious surroundings.My delight would be the reinventing textiles because i love woad and work with it already-have visited Lectoure several times.Fingers crossed i might be lucky!

kelli said...

Ok, after much debate and hours of thinking, I would love to attend the master painting classes. It would truly be a dream come true, thank you so much! xoxox Kelli Holtz

david said...

if only ..... fingers crossed!

Krishenka said...

Hi David can you leave the workshop you would like to win. Good luck to you all and Lizzie will be posting again soon.

DeeaM said...

I'm Andreea Emilia Balasa an I like very much this contest! I would really like to win! As i already know to make jewellery I would most certainly like to learn HOW TO MAKE HATS! Now this thing fascinates me! I like the combination between creativity, pragmatism and beauty!
Have a nice day all of you!

Scarf It Up! said...

The REINVENTING FRENCH TEXTILES workshop would be a dream come true! A former French teacher with family in France and a passion for all things French as well as all fibery things, this would be such an inspirational experience for me in my work as a fiber artist. In addition, I am constantly reinventing, recycling, upcycling, repurposing found objects and search out vintage buttons, textiles, etc. for use in my designs.

Oh la la, c'est magnifique!

lsmcd said...

I am tempted by many classes and wish I could take them all, but I will have to follow my heart's desire and hope to see Dillon again in the Intermediate Millinery Masterclass. The Chateau is so beautiful and relaxing and definitely one of a kind.

Krishenka said...

Won't be long now till we find out which one of you lucky girls are coming and I for one am really looking forward to meeting the winner.

Barbara said...

Reinventing French Textiles would be just wonderful.

Aubrey said...

Wow, this would be amazing. All the workshops look good, especially jewelry making!

Krishenka said...

Delighted at all your lovely comments and it wont be long now till Lizzie picks the winner. I for one can't wait to see who it will be. Good luck and a Bientot

Kelli Holtz said...

Krishenka I am getting so excited and keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed! Thank you again for the opportunity :) XO Kelli

Krishenka said...

Oh me too Kelli only 3 days left to go really excited to see who will win. Good luck xx

Krishenka said...



All names were put into a hat and Last night Lizzie picked this one out. Congratulations Louise and we shall meet sometime this year.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered and we are truly sorry that we can only offer one place. Who knows we might do it again next year.

Scarf It Up! said...

OMG!!! I am so excited, I'm crying. I don't win things, and since France is so dear to my heart (and I ever speak French!), this is such a wonderful dream come true - to go back to France.

But to be able to attend this workshop at such a beautiful location means so much to me. I thank you. Lizzie, Chrissie, and all who will make this possible. I promises to report (blog, tweet, FB) about my adventure.

Merci mille fois. Je ne peux pas y attendre. Better brush up on the French!
Louise (aka Scarf It Up!)

Barbara said...

Have a great time!

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