Wednesday, June 13, 2012

All is now ohhh "K"

You know when you get an idea in your head and then you just have to go for it. Well yesterday was just one of  these days. It all started when I received a custom order for monogrammed sachets for 3 bridesmaids. All was going well I did an "E" and then the "B" and the last one was a "K". Well it was to big so I started again and then it was to small, beginning to panic as I only had enough embroidery thread  of that particular colour for one more try. I decided to buy a set of transfer paper and copy a monogram out of my book, reduce the size, iron on the transfer and then embroider it, easy peasy.! NOT.   First off I have a laser printer and when I got home it just happened to notice that you need an ink jet printer. DH to the rescue and as he had to go into town anyway said he would buy a new cartridge for it and would scan the monogram and then I can get my order done and dusted. Ha if only, 2 hours later and DH was still trying to scale & transfer and well I got fed up so I  decided to go for freehand again, this time I got it right and was just finishing it off when DH who had meanwhile been persevering with the technical side handed me the transfer but full size.
I did not have the heart to tell him that I had redrawn the monogram and had almost completed it. To show my appreciation for all of his patience and efforts I decided to try the transfer on a bit of linen  it worked a treat and nowI have a cushion cover that I never knew I wanted !!!!  Well here it is and have to say I love it looks  quite vintagy don't you think?
I also never fully realised that it would leave an opaque plastic coating which renders it useless for embroidery so it never would have worked. Apart from that I have learnt something new and when the kids next come over I will get them to take a picture of whatever they fancy and transfer it on to a t-shirt for them. In fact Poppy is coming over Sat so will have a go then and let you see what picture she takes.Still on the subject of monograms  a few weeks ago on Pinterest I saw some embroidery loops, some with buttons which were very cute and  for nurseries animals and  balloons, as I just happened to have several embroidery hoops spare decided to try one with this lemon Monogram.

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