Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Febuary New Moon, Moss and Yorkshire Puds

 Tired boxes that my daughter was going to throw out and decided to paint them with Annie Sloan paint
 I think they came up a treat
 Lovely to see some colour at this time of the year
 My grandson took this photo as he thought it looked spooky
Pampas Grass soaking up the sun
Yay I can now say I have mastered the art of Yorkshire puds with the help from Jamie Olivers easy peasy  recipe
 These two pheasants were in deep discussion walking through my back garden, my DH thought they would have gone well with the yorkshire puds :(
The moon got caught on my tree
Grandson again as he thought this looked ike a grasshopper, and you know what I can see it, can you?


Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Love, love, LOVE all these great pictures of a place I hope to be able to visit one day :)

I must agree with hubby-pheasant are delicious eating! Although those are definitely two pretty birds.

I think those boxes came out beautifully, too!

Your grandson has quite the eye-I can definitely see a grasshopper, too :D

Chrissie Marshall said...

hello Kayla and thanks for dropping in. I have eaten pheasant once and thought it had quite a strong flavour. Never cooked one myself and these two were just having an afternoon stroll so I left them to it. Yes Stevie has a good eye

Mary Lindsay said...

Your Yorkshires look splendiferous!! Your grandson has a great eye (a creative artist me thinks)
I love the moon in your tree.
Love all in short. Keep well. xx Mary

Chrissie Marshall said...

The yorkshires were crispy & totally yummy I ate 3 and now have a fat tummy :) He doesn't miss much that's for sure Mary

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