Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Could Have Lost My Head at Chapeaux Willy's!!!

Well  to say that I was sorry to have missed the day trip to Chapeau Willy's is to say the least an understatement.   I did  however attend the textile course held in the beautiful Chateau Dumas,  but  I had to leave on the Wed  and the trip was on the Friday, still I will do it another time, definitely on my wish list. So come and have a virtual browse around with me.

Fortunately  Carolyn, a lady I met on the course did go to the hat factory,  and she  very kindly sent me some of her  pictures  so I could drool over at my leisure.

And here is the lovely Carolyn herself modelling  a Chapeau Willy hat and looking very pleased with herself!
Carolyn I might add made some wonderful things on the textile day at a speed that would leave you dizzy, from bags,skirts, lavender sachets and to many more for me to list.

 I also  discovered that Carolyn makes little dolls which she calls Fashionista Sisters and they are really  adorable, with such attention to detail and I love the outfits . Here are a few of her lovelies and if you want to see more or even purchase  go have a look at her website

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carrad said...

Thank you so much for the promo! I loved meeting you and spending sewey time with you. xxx

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