Thursday, June 2, 2011

Frister & Rossmann new Vibrating - Shuttle!

My Frister & Rossmann's sewing machine has finally come back home, she has been on display for a year along with other vintage sewing  machines in a French Chateau.  I love just looking at her as she has the most beautiful Art Nouveau gold corn flower decals, along with a white porcelain handle and she still works a treat and stitches beautifully. My daughter in law Helen bought it for £5 at a rubbish dump in the North of England a few years back and gave it to me as she thought rather than have it dumped I would at least give it a good home, well I have and am more than pleased that it never got scrapped. It was last repaired on the 11th March 1964 at a cost of £2.3.9 (2 pounds 3 shillings & 9 pence). Could  be that it was made between 1904/07 but need to do more research. If you know when it was made then I would really appreciate your info.

. The center decal reads "Harrods limited, No 50, Brompton Road London S.W., Harrods Serving the World". Serial number 1405860. Also according to Alex Askaroff from Sewalot he has a rare cover well I have the entire booklet so that's good news for me. 

 Thanks Helen great gift

Ps Just to let you know that I now have a pdf file of the instruction manual so if you would like a copy, at the top right of my page you will see "Contact me" send me a mail and I will happily send you a copy
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