Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pootling Along the Canal Du Midi

Less than 2 hours from home is the Canal Du Midi,so we put the bikes on the back of the camper and arrived late morning, light lunch and then headed off on the bikes along the canal which is perfect for cycling as the path is flat with long straight stretches with just enough corner turns that make you want to see what is round the next corner. There are 91 working locks  along it's 240klm course and Louis XIV ordered work to begin on the canal in 1667 and has been hailed as "Most remarkable feats of Civil Engineering"

Sadly the 42,000 beautiful plane trees that were planted in the 1830s have developed a fungus and so far over 13,850 trees have been felled and burnt on the spot, trees are being replanted but will take many years for them to look as spectacular as they do today. All in all a great little break.

 Not a selfie I might add
 you could cycle along the paths for a long as your butt didn't object, did about 12klms  and had a gel seat to stop any aches, worked a treat too.

Cassoulet is great but not in the summer

 Boat entering lock
Gates close and it's fascinating watching the boat rise
Up she comes
 and away she goes

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