Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why Does Poppy always have to be FIRST!!!!!

I bought a witches hat for the kids to play with and little did I know what the result would be, should have known better than to only get one. Four pictures coming up and here's how it went.

Poppy wanted her picture taken wearing the hat  and of course so did Stevie! a tug of war ensued and Poppy won much to her brothers disgust. I am just surprised the hat was not torn into pieces they way they went at it.  I of course just let them get on with it, that's what Nana's do isn't it.!!!

Stevie has to get in there somewhere

Stevie determined to get into all pictures going
Stevie not impressed with waiting for his turn to wear the hat, more like he got told off!!!

I asked Stevie to smile wish I hadn't bothered now
 Next time I will buy two hats, or maybe not!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Could Have Lost My Head at Chapeaux Willy's!!!

Well  to say that I was sorry to have missed the day trip to Chapeau Willy's is to say the least an understatement.   I did  however attend the textile course held in the beautiful Chateau Dumas,  but  I had to leave on the Wed  and the trip was on the Friday, still I will do it another time, definitely on my wish list. So come and have a virtual browse around with me.

Fortunately  Carolyn, a lady I met on the course did go to the hat factory,  and she  very kindly sent me some of her  pictures  so I could drool over at my leisure.

And here is the lovely Carolyn herself modelling  a Chapeau Willy hat and looking very pleased with herself!
Carolyn I might add made some wonderful things on the textile day at a speed that would leave you dizzy, from bags,skirts, lavender sachets and to many more for me to list.

 I also  discovered that Carolyn makes little dolls which she calls Fashionista Sisters and they are really  adorable, with such attention to detail and I love the outfits . Here are a few of her lovelies and if you want to see more or even purchase  go have a look at her website

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Kisses For Xmas" Feature with Cranberry Dreams + Fabulous Giveaway

Hi everyone! If you have not yet met Londi your in for a treat, a small business owner, jeweler, designer, crafter, a lover of life, a mother first! and here she is wearing one of her beautiful felt hats, a zipper and felt necklace and a matching ring. Fabulous picture Londi!

She creates because she doesn’t know how not to! Here is a little more  info on Londi and I think you will all agree she is one very talented and amazing lady. I for one am constantly in awe of her stunning work and would like to share some of it with you.
Below is a set of her handmade gift tags and a pair of her beautiful french lace earrings which she will give to one lucky winner. Value $24

Londi originally from the U.S and presently living in France, by trade, she is a third generation jeweler, experienced in working with precious metal and stones, as well as designing, carving and finishing. For the past few years she has created works of art with felting, sewing, making jewelry and deco Christmas bulbs.

She is totally inspired by nature, lighting, flowers, children - anything from a rock to a grain of sand...a piece of gold to a piece of glitter! She loves working with color, texture and in all art mediums in every way, shape and form! As you can see from her beautiful items.

Bringing back the "Magic" of believing and old traditions past, Londi invites you to step into the "potpourri" of dreams...Cranberry Dreams "Kisses of Christmas!"

Here you will find sweet touches of cinnamon, punchy peppermint twist and delicate forms of nature, coming together to create these unique "Artisan" Christmas ornaments and home decor.

Rediscover memories of seasons past. Find the child in you (and your peppermint-patch too!), and don't ever stop believing!

And if that’s not enough then pop into her other shop and see her stunning pieces of work using zippers, felt, lace,vintage buttons and much more.

Londi has many hobbies – one of them being mushroom hunting! Her favorite mushroom to find is the Morel. She loves going high into the French Alps to find chanterelles and cep mushrooms! When it is mushroom season, you often won’t find her at home as she is always out looking for a new patch to discover! In the evenings, she prepares four-star meals with her finds! Lucky friends!!

Londi loves volunteering her time! She works with an organization call VSArt, an international nonprofit organization founded 35 years ago by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith to create a society where people with disabilities learn through, participate in and enjoy the arts. This is a hands-on effort where they supply the materials and help the children and adults with floral composition, jewelry making, painting and music! Out of everything she does, this is the most satisfying!

Where Londi finds enough hours in a day only she knows the answer to this, and she is generously offering one lucky winner not one but two prizes, a set off four beautiful gift tags and a pair of stunning earrings both hand made with her love deeply embedded.

Londi and I thought it would be a fitting  question for this giveaway to ask you to guess how many zippers are in the photo below.

1) Please follow my blog yes you know it makes me smile

2) Tweet about this giveaway, using the hashtag #londi. Post in a separate comment, and get one additional entry each time you do this, up to ONCE a day.

3) Become a friend of Londi Mathieu on facebook, and post in separate comment below. If you are already a friend, post in a separate comment below as well. One additional entry.

4) Follow LondiCreations on twitter, and post in a separate comment below. If you are already following, post in a separate comment as well. One additional entry.

The more times you enter, the better your chances of winning!

This giveaway will begin October 22, 2010 and end at 11:59 pm EST on November 12th 2010. It is open to anyone worldwide to enter so come in and have a go. will pick a winner!

Good luck and thank you so much Londi

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Make me Clear this up

It has been several days weeks or could it be months since I did a huge clearaway in my work space, time to do it  again.  My table is covered with buttons,odd bits and bobs of jewelery, several projects running together and it's getting hard now to find anything. Trouble is I don't know where to start. Anyone care to help me?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vintage Tractor run Caussade France

What a great finale to the kids weekend, as we arrived at Caussaude and were faced with  a  road diversion, there was obviously something going on in the town!!! And of course I had to find out, well it would be rude not to!
After following the  diversion signs to  get to Auty which is the  other side of Caussade, arrived at a junction quick look left and whoo hoo saw what the diversion was all about, vintage tractors and cars were  on parade. By sheer luck a parking space was available and so I grabbed the kids and headed off to watch them all pass.

Poppy was almost asleep and was pretty grouchy by this stage, and as we all ran up to the roundabout (where we were diverted from in the first place). Nothing more to say  except what a great finish to the day,  vintage tractors, cars etc....   Should have heard the squeals the kids were coming out with!!!Wonder what's next on the agenda.....

If you wan to see more  look here where they have a restoration museum

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Saving of Owlexander Dumas

Once upon a time, well six weeks ago approximately my daughter Terri, found on the second day in her new home two tiny little owls that had fallen from the roof  of her apartment  and by some miracle they survived the fall.  On much googling for any information on how to look after them a box was found and lined with sticks and leaves, and the task of feeding began. They were both weighed and came in at 120g and 80g.

Only one of the owls though was tempted into eating and sadly the other one died a few days later, still the remaining one feasted on hearts, liver and steak and as you can see from above picture how well he is doing. Almost all of his downy has gone and he has now such a beautiful face.

He is fed every four hours and everything he has eaten has been recorded must check what his weight is now and let you know later.
He has two names and nobody can decide which one to go for. He is known at the moment as Owly D or Owlexander Dumas (named after the Chateau) which one do you prefer?

Terri and Pete are now taking turns in trying to get him to fly by putting his meat onto string and getting him to chase it.
I took  some shots of him yesterday and we all think he will be flying very soon, Pete has built him a fabulous box that he has put in a tree and I forgot to take a shot of that but will next time. I am hoping to get a few more shots and if lucky in flight. Would be wonderful if he continued to live at the Chateau but time will tell....

Meanwhile Furbie the house cat is so sick of Owly D, in her opinion he gets much better fed and far to much attention, so here she lies in the huff and will be very pleased to see the back of Owly D.....
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