Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fairies Fair Ooak Creations by Patrizia Cozzo

One of a kind creations in polymer clay by Artist/Sculptor Patrizia Cozzo

On opening Pattrizia’s page I was immediately enchanted by her stunning creations, and I spent an age studying each one, the attention to detail is overwhelming, the skin tones, expressions, body lines, fingers and hair in fact everything is just perfection and a true work of art.  Patriza’s an artist and sculptress lives and works in Italy and her blog (which is understandably in Italian)  the pictures alone tells the story. Follow this link and you will see for yourself work in progress along with finished work. PatrizaCozzo

She also has a face book fan page and I am sure she would be delighted if you popped over to say hi......    I will guarantee you will  also be enchanted. Patrizia on Face Book

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Felted Art To Wear Morning Glory Corsage Giveaway

I recently met Inken on face book, and when I popped over to her page amazing felted wearable art  just burst off her page with  stunning colours and vibrancy. In her own words Inken tells us how her craft evolved. 
My name is Inken Gaddass I am a German born felt artist now living in the heart of England. I grew up in Schleswig Holstein North Germany an area of open farmland combined with a coastline that is full of empty beaches, warm in summer and ice covered in winter. Using a variety of wet felting techniques I create 'Felted Art To Wear', unique and quirky, sometimes abstract, in the form of scarves, wraps, shawls, vests and jewellery. 
 My felt art is heavily inspired by the coastal wildlife and nature of my childhood years, the alternating and ever changing moods of the sea combined with the myriad of colours from endless fields of blooms in summer. I always loved working with wool and I was fascinated by strong and rich colours and different textures. About 10 years ago just after I moved to the UK I came across a beautifully felted scarf which I fell in love with immediately and I got curious on what felt is and how to make such a beautiful piece and it all started from there.
 I bought books, magazines and I searched the Internet for information about felting and taught myself the art of wet felting. Felting opened new doors for my love of colour, pattern and textures in a natural form combined with a quirkiness and uniqueness that is wearable art. Felting is like painting with fibres and an amazing process of transforming  loose wool fibres into the most beautiful textile which is unique and beautiful and in tune with nature.
 Felting makes me happy and I can't remember the last day I was bored. I can't just sit around not doing anything. I am always creating whether it is hands on or in my mind thinking about the next project. It just seems as if I've found my craft.  Inken xxx
Inken is offering a chance to win her "Morning Glory" flower corsage which is 23cm (9") in diameter and is as light as a feather, 100% handmade and felted from merino wool. The back has a large strong safety pin to fasten to scarf's, cardigans or any knitted clothing. A fine brooch pin is also attached for use with finer fabrics. Value $32.   Giveaway is worldwide.
Thank you so much Inken for sharing your story and for your fabulous giveaway. Good luck everyone.
Inken on Etsy 
Inken on Flickr
Inken on Face Book

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anka Zhuravleva Arts

This was the very first image I saw from Anka's page and I was blown away and wanted /had to see more. I have since spent an age trawling through all her glorious works and read her touching story. I for one will be watching and waiting for more of her stunning photography. Anka's links are at the bottom of this post if you care to go read her story and see more of her work.

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