Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Krishenka Silk Pouch Bag Give Away

Don’t know about you, but for me July was a busy month and it just seemed to get started then it abruptly ended and her we are 1st August already. 

So here’s the story and my give away.

 I had a lovely custom order last month to make a white satin and lace pouch bag same style as the one above.  
This set me off thinking about some beautiful vintage  bronze silk I have stashed  away, so digging it out I decided to make another pouch bag  along with the Nottingham scalloped lace, and as you can see I did just that. I was at the point of threading the ribbon through when to my horror I realised that I had stitched the lace all the way round and not cut in half as I did on the first bag, and as this was silk there was no way I was going to try and unpick two rows of stitching as it would have ruined the silkL Therefore renders the bag in my opinion unsalable, bummer!!!!

Unsalable yes, but nevertheless still a beautiful bag but a classic whoopsi  all the same.

The bag is bronze/gold vintage James Hare silk (which is around €48 per metre today)and the lace is a vintage Nottingham scalloped edged lace, the pouch is double layered and a reinforced base which has been over locked to stop any fraying. I think this would be cute for keeping you smalls in when you go for a special weekend Jbut whatever you do with it I hope you enjoy it.

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