Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Market Caussade France

Fun day at the Marche Noel with Santa and his wife arriving in style and lots to keep  folks amused despite the cold. Hot chocolate, sweets, clementines and cake were being handed out to all.
Stevie and Poppy after all their excitement waiting to see Santa would have nothing to do him or his good lady, Poppy ran off and Stevie wouldn't even take a sweet that was being waved in his face (following the, don't take anything from a stranger rule with no exceptions.)!!!

Poppy though had no problem getting her face painted especially when she saw  pink paint, and was happy for the rest of the day, well almost.

They were fascinated by how these three guys could be so tall, try explaining stilts to a 4 and 3 year old.

Messages were attached to balloons which were to be sent off to who knows where but if you do come across one you have to send a card to the address, might be mine!


 Can't wait for tomorrow as my son and family will arrive, can you imagine the noise levels for the next few days with a 5,4 and two 3 year olds!!! Merry Christmas to you all xx

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Christmas Triva with a $25 Gift Voucher

Finish the Sentence and win a $25 Gift Voucher

Okay, so this is how the game is played. Someone will post something like "I like my potatoes......... and the next person will finish the sentence with something like ", and strong... " A bizarre or comical finish would be fun. After finishing the sentence, please post a new beginning for someone to reply to.

That's it but remember to leave me your contact details and I will pick a winner at random on the 24th Dec. The winner will receive a $25  voucher to spend in my Etsy shop.

I would also like to say a huge thanks to all my followers for all your support and comments. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas. Have fun  and look forward to seeing your posts.!!!

Ps: My Etsy link so you can go and choose  what you would like!!!

So here's the first line to get you started.

"Can't make an omelet without..."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What's in an Old Tin

Came across this tin a few days ago on one of my travels, and when I saw it of course I wanted it (yes so now you know I collect tins too) and also to open it up but the lid would not budge no matter how I tried. The seller tried but had no luck, you could hear something rattle inside and of course I asked "What's in the tin" to which they replied with a very French shrug "Je ne sais Pas" mmh, now I really wanted to open this tin!! 

A few hours later and I am home and managed with much huffing and puffing to finally open the tin, and this is what I found.

The beetle brooch I thought at first was a Scarab Beetle but now unsure due to the markings and I will endeavour to find out more about it.

This stunning brooch was almost black and I am in the process of very gently restoring it, delighted that it is intact and so therefore will not be subjected to being dismantled, well not by me anyway!

This heart shaped pendant with a stunning Stag engraved on the top half and  when open  there is a heart shaped clear glass disk so I guess a lock of hair or photo could be added. The name on the back not sure but may be a town in France, must google it sometime soon.

Yes there's more! This one is a 4 stranded black glass possibly Jet with a gorgeous square clasp closure.

The next one is another brooch beautiful emerald green in colour

Pair of Marcasite earrings but  2 stones missing
So all in all you can imagine my face when I finally got to open this tin. I think christmas came early for me this year. So next time you come across and old tin, I just bet you open it:)

Monday, November 29, 2010

xxx Happy Birthday Lavada xxx



Great photographer, great friend, funny most of the time! Love you lots and hope you have a fantastic day. Ps all the pictures here were yours, till I pinched them that is. xx

Lavada  is also a wonderful professional photographer, she collected dolls in Belgium, France, England and Tulsa for her exhibition  held last year. You can see more of her dolls in the Lost & Found Exhibit, just click the link below.

could not resist adding this!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snow Fun in the Tarn

Well I for one have never seen it snow here in the Tarn in November. So to make the most of it Mr Snowman has been cobbled together with a dodgie looking nose, and a  very stickly grin, the snow fights and sledging all done and now all are thawing out  next to a lovely wood fire. Glass of mulled wine anyone!

2 hours later

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lost Your False Teeth, Breast Implants, Vasectomy Kit...Then

 You might just get them back. Did you know that over 184,000 pieces of lost property each year are left on buses, Tubes, taxis, trains, trams and stations, in London alone.

 If, for example, you happen to have lost your false teeth get in contact with these guys - best to go in person as they won't understand what your saying over the phone!  You could even choose a new pair - chances are you would find something to suit fit! Wheelchairs, now this puzzles me. If you lose your wheelchair how did you manage to get to where you were going without it? Yet they get several handed in each year.

How can any one lose their false arm?, or a14ft boat, park benches and even breast implants!! Wonder how long it took for her to notice she had lost them?
Many people though are lucky and grateful to have their items back, last year 27,000 handbags were handed in and 40% were returned.  This guy was not so lucky as he was loading his mannequins onto a tube, the doors closed before he could get on board and he was left  watching  them disappear, never to be seen again. Where are they now?

You can report a loss here

Photography by James Quinton

How to purchase unclaimed items

Greasbys Auctioneers & Valuers, 211 Longley Rd, SW17 (020 8672 2972/ Tooting Broadway tube. Auctions are held roughly once a month. Check website for details of next sale. Note: London Transport’s items are not distinguished from other sale items.

Just a few more examples of what people are losing. What was the last thing you lost?

False teeth

False eyes
Replacement limbs
Two-and-a-half hundredweight of sultanas/currants
Lawn mower
Chinese typewriter
Breast implants
Four-foot teddy bear
Theatrical coffin
Stuffed eagle
14-foot boat
Divan bed
Outboard motor
Water skis
Park bench
Grandfather clock
Bishop’s crook
Garden slide
Inflatable doll
Jar of bull’s sperm
Urn of ashes
Three dead bats in container
Gas mask
Tibetan bell
Stuffed puffa fish
Vasectomy kit
Harpoon gun
Two human skulls in a bag

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Would Love to Wear a Kimono... and

 An “Obi”  (not to be confused with the lovely Obi Wan Kinobi, picture thanks to

is a word that refers to various Japanese belts and sashes used for formal kimonos to martial arts uniforms.
Obi’s worn with kimonos; their function is to secure the robe as well as to decorate.

An obi for a mans kimono is often rectangular and darkly coloured whereas an obi for a woman’s kimono is much wider and longer and is tied under the bust and wrapped around the waist more times. The Yellow butterfly above is from

Obis are also worn with hakama, a type of skirt worn by men with kimonos, and yukata robes, a light summer kimono worn by men and women alike.

The term kimono refers to a form of traditional dress for Japanese men, women and children. Dating back to the 17th century, a kimono is a floor-length garment with square-cut sleeves.
Whether you are attending a Japanese-themed party or want to learn more about Japanese culture, be sure to familiarize yourself with the proper technique for wearing a kimono and the accessories that go with it.

For example never drape the right side of the kimono over the left. This way of wearing a kimono is used only when preparing a corpse for burial. Pictures from

Read more: How to Wear a Japanese Kimono
· Dōura upper lining on a woman's kimono

· Eri collar
· Fuki hem guard
· Furi sleeve below the armhole
· Maemigoro front main panel:excluding sleeves.

Covering portion of the other side of the back maemigoro is divided into "right maemigoro" and "left maemigoro"

· Miyatsukuchi opening under the sleeve
· Okumi front inside panel situated on the front edge of the left and right, excluding the sleeve of a kimono,Until the collar, down to the bottom of the dress goes, up and down part of the strip of cloth.Have sewn the front is also called
· Sode sleeve
· Sodeguchi sleeve opening
· Sodetsuke kimono armhole
· Susomawashi lower lining
· Tamoto sleeve pouch
· Tomoeri over-collar (collar protector)
· Uraeri inner collar
· Ushiromigoro back main panel:excluding sleeves,

I was having a browse on etsy and found these lovely items, a kimono a beautiful flower and an obi belt by the following sellers here on etsy

Other  sites to see more examples

And sorry but I could not resist this!  here is a picture of my son and what I think his expression would be like if I wore e a kimono around the house.  I really don't know how he took this shot!, but there seems to be a wire attached to his head! Hard to believe that he is actually quite a  handsome lad: ) Although I can't quite see me mastering the art of carrying lumps of wood to keep the fire going if I were dressed in a kimono but perhaps just for lounging would be great. Think I might go and have a look at a few and treat myself and if I do I will let you see it........later.
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