Saturday, December 11, 2010

What's in an Old Tin

Came across this tin a few days ago on one of my travels, and when I saw it of course I wanted it (yes so now you know I collect tins too) and also to open it up but the lid would not budge no matter how I tried. The seller tried but had no luck, you could hear something rattle inside and of course I asked "What's in the tin" to which they replied with a very French shrug "Je ne sais Pas" mmh, now I really wanted to open this tin!! 

A few hours later and I am home and managed with much huffing and puffing to finally open the tin, and this is what I found.

The beetle brooch I thought at first was a Scarab Beetle but now unsure due to the markings and I will endeavour to find out more about it.

This stunning brooch was almost black and I am in the process of very gently restoring it, delighted that it is intact and so therefore will not be subjected to being dismantled, well not by me anyway!

This heart shaped pendant with a stunning Stag engraved on the top half and  when open  there is a heart shaped clear glass disk so I guess a lock of hair or photo could be added. The name on the back not sure but may be a town in France, must google it sometime soon.

Yes there's more! This one is a 4 stranded black glass possibly Jet with a gorgeous square clasp closure.

The next one is another brooch beautiful emerald green in colour

Pair of Marcasite earrings but  2 stones missing
So all in all you can imagine my face when I finally got to open this tin. I think christmas came early for me this year. So next time you come across and old tin, I just bet you open it:)
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