Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Art Of Wet Felting + Giveaway Silk Scarf "Flame"

If you have not yet met Monique from Dutchfeltart before then here is a chance to see not only her beautiful handcrafted items, and hear a little about where she lives, her love of felting ......Monique is giving away  a hand painted silk scarf "Flame" valued at $30 to one lucky winner.

Grey Merino Felt Set Scarf and Beret
Where do you Live
We Live inThe Netherlands in a very small historical city called Zierikee near  the sea. For 3 months me, Rob and Sanne ( our daughter)  in our new home which is great.

Where did you learn to do wet Felting
I started my interest in fibers when hubby decided to buy some sheep. I wanted to do something with the wool and started to learn spinning. We had a spinning group at our farm and I decided to have a workshop felting to the group. That’s where it started. I just tried to treat different fibers with water, soap and warmth and was amazed the way different fibers reacted to that

What exactly is wet Felting?
Felting is the process that single fibers stick together. By use of soap, warmth and a lot of muscle power the fibers will stick together to a strong piece of fabric. Because you need at least 3 layers of fibers to get a strong fabric you can also make use of the nuno-felting process, that is felting one layer of fibers on ( read through) a fabric, preferably natural materials like silk, cotton, hemp, linen. That results in a wonderful flexible and thin piece of felt.

Do you need special equipment to felt.
 There are a few tools you can make use of to quicken the process or to ease the muscle power you need a bit. The wonderful thing about felting is that anyone can start doing it without having to buy expensive equipment. Water, soap and wool are the basics.

What materials do you use
I use only natural materials and most of the time I dye the wool myself to get surprising colors. I mostly work with merino wool and silk, but also tencel (wood pulp) hemp, cotton and other natural materials. Depending on what you are making you must count on an hour or up to 3 for a scarf and a seamless felted coat like the example shown here took approx 8 hours.

Recently I found the fun of dying pure silk scarfs, It is amazing what brilliant color combinations you can get. I would like to offer the scarf Flame as a giveaway. I realise that there can only be one winner so if any one who enters this giveaway and would like to purchase  from my shop I will offer a 10% discount , just mention Silk Scarf.

Hobbies are of course fibercrafts, we also enjoy long rides with our eco (electric) scooter, there you just can feel at one” with the nature around you. We are now looking for a boat because with all the water around us it would be wonderful to take boat trips in our free time. Another hobby is wwes, meeting creative people and supporting each other.


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 A winner will be chosen with on the 16th July

Lastly  a huge thank you to Dutchfeltart for her generosity and sharing her love of Felting.


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