Sunday, July 25, 2010

Broomsticks, Medieval Fair, and More, Brassac France

We decided to go out for a tour round the Black Mountains roughly about an hour from where we live in the Tarn and we came across this little village called Brassac where a car boot sale (yard sale) was taking place, make my day!! so just had to have a wander around. Parked  next to this gorgeous pink and white deux cheveau, you got the impression that a marriage had taken place either that or the car was owned by a witch and if the car ran out of diesel she could fly off on her broom stick.

Had to cross this gorgeous 12th century bridge to find the sale but had to quickly nip down and get a photo to let you see it, it was all roughly cobbled and really difficult to walk on and is still as beautiful now as it was all these years ago.

Well Joan of Ark greeted us as we walked into the sale and she really looked like she wanted to be elsewhere, sorry Joan couldn't help you out there. 

Well have to say there was not  much today that caught my eye, but did  come across a really nice guy called Michel Jessier a French Canadian who lives and works in a place called Saint Felix Lauagais and makes the most beautiful silver jewellery. He was showing us how this drill which is worked by string to turn it, it's 150 years old and he still uses it today. The necklace is just one example of his beautiful work.
On arriving in the village we saw this

Well I did find a couple of trinkets that I will be playing with over the next few days but you will have to wait and see them when I finally add them to my shop:)


osovictoria said...

Looks like you had a great day. Nice pictures, I love bridges, doors and gates. The architecture is stunning. Thanks!

rabbitwhiskers said...

I loved reading about your day out and seeing your beautiful pictures~ I felt like I was right there with you. What a fun day that must have been! Thanks for sharing!!

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