Saturday, July 3, 2010

Come Fly With Me

I have never been to Annecy which is very close to the Swiss border and about 300 kilometers from where I live in the Tarn. So when my girlfriend Lavada and her husband Pete invited me to go with them I said yes please. The fact that they were going in their own plane had absolutely nothing to do with it! who am I kidding! as I know for a fact that if they said they were driving I would have had no hesitation in saying as politely as I could thanks but no thanks. How grateful is that!

So off we set for the airport in Albi, after heaving the doors of the hanger open, pulling the plane out which was surprisingly easier than opening the hanger doors. Pete (the Pilot) set about all the checks and there were a lot of them! all aboard to discover that  there was no fuel to be had at the airport due to them changing tanks.  No worries says Pete we will fly to Rodez and fill up it's only 20 minutes away and so doors closed and off we go.  The heat in the cockpit was incredible and I was given a set of headphones as the noise was, well really excitingly loud, and before I could blink we were off and from then on it was like sitting on a big fat cushion. I loved it and was fascinated by all the dials and all the tweaking that went on continuously throughout the flight.

Very useful little gadget aboard telling you "Terrain Ahead" as you are approaching the runway. Handy to know! if you were not already aware of it.

Ok,so I forgot to take a picture of the airport at Annecy I was to busy looking looking at the most beautiful lake and surrounds. There is a hotel sitting just on the edge of the lake which is just stunning. Had afternoon tea on the terrace :) actually I had a beer which was delicious.

So I had an hour to go walkabout while L & P did their business and as it was so hot I just sat by the lake and people watched. Lots of kids using the slide plopping into the water and the sound of laughter echoed and gave the place such a happy atmosphere. I  watched a very small duck dive under the crystal clear water and saw him weaving all over and wondered if he would ever come back up for air..

Lavada took the photo of me and Pete, and me wearing the headset and a fabulous shot of  kid plopping of the water slide. Lavada  just happens to be a professional  photographer and not only takes  stunning pictures, her subjects are widley varied. And this picture is Lavada, just being Lavada!

So a huge thanks to both Pete and Lavada for making my day and  if I am very very good.........
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