Sunday, August 24, 2014

House Leeks

Sempervivum tectorum or easier to say let alone remember simply "House Leeks" , Hen & Chicks" or Old Man & Woman". I have heard of House Leeks but not the other two names, how bizarre!
 I find them to be a very quirky and odd looking plant, but I am always happy to see them in flower and as they are monocarpic (they die after flowering, thank you google).  I never knew this about them though, that they are refrigerant, astringent, diuretic. In rural districts, the bruised leaves of the fresh plant, or its juice, are often applied as a poultice to burns, scalds, contusions, scrofulous ulcers,(don't like the sound of that one) and in inflammatory conditions of the skin generally, giving immediate relief. If the juice be mixed with clarified lard and applied to an inflamed surface, the inflammation is quickly reduced. So there you go... What do you call them out of interest?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jamie Oliver Does it Again

I have yet to try a Jamie Oliver recipe that fails to tickle the taste buds, the last couple of months I have now cooked his Moroccan-lamb-pastilla  4 times, and despite the fact that I did not have filo pastry to hand so I used puff pastry instead, and  it worked a treat. This is totally delicious and so easy to make, works just as well with chicken.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy Birthday to me and little Giveaway

Yes it's almost here again and boy did it come round fast, still I am grateful to be celebrating another year. So I would like to share my birthday with you  and offer a little give-away as a thank you to all my followers and old and new friends.

The sachet can be filled with lavender or rose petals and you can choose any initial and colour that you fancy. This Give-away is open world wide and the winner will be announced on the 31st August which is my birthday.

Good luck

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4 Days of Sun Sun Sun

Spent four days at Narbonne beach with my daughter and the two little ones as I had never been there before it was much bigger than I had realised, weather was very kind to us into the bargain, the main beach was busy but not as mobbed as I thought it would be. We took a ride out to a place called Saint Martin of Guissan based at the foot of the Clape mountain range and surrounded by the sea and the Ayrolle pond, Saint Martin's Saltern extends over 400 hectares right at the edge of town of Gruissan. I would have liked to have done the guided tour but it was not something the kids would have found interesting just yet but they were intrigued by the pink water.  Worth a look at their website lesalindegruissan got some great info and pictures. Might add it has been lousy weather since we got back and the summer  is on it's last legs

 Poppy and Stevie were very interested in the sweet section of the shop!

 Poppy with her lollipop which took her ages to choose which flavour to go for
Now you see why
 The latest craze
Stevie on the Looms again!!

Kids doing what all kids do at the beach

Monday, August 11, 2014

Harley Davidson Fabric Find in Loft

I only went away for a couple of days with the little ones to the seaside in Narbonne, and on my return found that a friend had been to the house and dropped of 4 bolts of Harley Davidson Fabric and was told do what you like with it. I have since found out that it had been stored in my friends loft for around 15 years. Had she not sold her house heaven knows how long it would have stayed there. So what am I to do with this lot? I could make endless amounts of things but as it is not a licensed fabric from HD I therefore can not make any items for resale.

 It was made in Seoul, Korea by a company called Shin-A International Co.Ltd and it is a polyester mix from what I can tell and looks to me like it was made for linings but I am guessing here. I am not a HD fan so I wont be making anything for me and I don't know anyone who has a HD bike so again I am stumped as to what to do with it. I contacted HD to ask if I can sell it but they have not replied as yet, but have since found out that I can sell it as long as it is for personal use only.
 One bolt is silver and black, another is an orange and black and the other two bolts are black with yellow eagles. So if you know of anyone who is looking for HD fabrics then send them my way.

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