Friday, August 22, 2014

4 Days of Sun Sun Sun

Spent four days at Narbonne beach with my daughter and the two little ones as I had never been there before it was much bigger than I had realised, weather was very kind to us into the bargain, the main beach was busy but not as mobbed as I thought it would be. We took a ride out to a place called Saint Martin of Guissan based at the foot of the Clape mountain range and surrounded by the sea and the Ayrolle pond, Saint Martin's Saltern extends over 400 hectares right at the edge of town of Gruissan. I would have liked to have done the guided tour but it was not something the kids would have found interesting just yet but they were intrigued by the pink water.  Worth a look at their website lesalindegruissan got some great info and pictures. Might add it has been lousy weather since we got back and the summer  is on it's last legs

 Poppy and Stevie were very interested in the sweet section of the shop!

 Poppy with her lollipop which took her ages to choose which flavour to go for
Now you see why
 The latest craze
Stevie on the Looms again!!

Kids doing what all kids do at the beach

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