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Feature Interview with Facebodyfeet + 2 Giveaways


Introducing Jacque a charming young Lady from New York who opened her Etsy shop in April of this year. I recently met Jacque on the forums and found her to be fun, enthusiastic and upbeat. I asked if she would like to do a feature on my blog, and as you can see she said YES!! not only did she say yes she has offered two readers the chance to win one of her delicious face.body.feet products. Rose & Spice foot soak, this fabulous foot soak boasts the stimulating scents of spice potpourri and roses to give your feet the ultimate R&R. And also Raspberry guava, this wonderful body butter boasts the yummy scent of raspberry guava--ripe, juicy raspberries and tropical guava. Made my mouth water just typing this!
First let's hear what Jacque has to say and then I will tell you how you can enter to win. Over to you Jacque pictured below with her man :) Giveaway value $18
Jacque & David

 Tell us a little about yourself.

All my life, I knew I was an entrepreneur, before I even knew what an entrepreneur was. I sold lemonade and baked goods on the weekends when I was younger. We held car washes in the summer. I sold candy year around in high school. I always had so many ideas that I wanted to do and now I just do them! I am a fun, outgoing person who loves to travel, play sports, watch Netflix, read, and be around all the people (and animals) I love.

What is your first memory of being crafty/artsy?

My first memory of being crafty/artsy was around age 7 when my friend and I decided we wanted to design clothing. We would draw out all the clothing designs and color them and research how we could make them. I made a dress once. It didn't come out so bad; the only thing was that I chose horrible fabric. I guess clothing design wasn't really my thing.
I was also always in charge of baking cakes, cookies, and cupcakes in my home for birthdays and holidays. I loved creating things and decorating them, and eating them of course!


 Where do you get inspiration for your products?

I am inspired by everything! God has created so many interesting, odd, beautiful, and crazy items in humans, animals, and nature. I love to just be surrounded by nature, people, and animals. Smells also greatly inspire me for example, fruits, flowers and fauna, and the smells of nature. While my cats are lounging around, stretched out and sleeping, they put me in a happy state of mind, and really help me focus and want to create new things and get busy!

Movado and Linux

Where can we find your products?

My products can be found on Etsy, I also have a Facebook Fan Page,  I have just started with Twitter @facebodyfeet.

As I grow and have a more established product line and customer base, I would like to have my own website and do craft shows, street fairs, and possibly wholesale.

What methods do you find best bring traffic to your shop?

I find that being involved in the Etsy forums and teams helps bring the most traffic and attention to my shop. I also created a fan page on Facebook to make my family and friends aware of my new endeavour. I try to renew all of my products at least once per day to keep my shop name out there if I am not listing new products.

Tell us a little about your workspace 

I am just getting started with my homemade bath & body goodies, so my workspace is not as yet developed as other crafters. I create my products at home in my kitchen and I have started to put together my office space where all my supplies are held and finished products shelved. Eventually, I will have a small studio/office where I can go create my items.

Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?

I truly believe in my products and test them out to make sure even I would buy them before I list them to be available for others. I am very excited and grateful to have been chosen to be featured for this blog and hope you see my passion as much as I see the passion within myself!

Customer feedback

"This transaction was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. My package was delivered safely and quickly, and was nicely wrapped -- perfect for my wife's birthday present. I'll shop here anytime without hesitation. Thanks!


1. Please follow my blog so you can come back on the 29th June to see if you are a WINNER!!
3. Take a peek at her shop  and feel free to heart  away
4. Now the fun bit! Below you can see a box and all you have to do is guess the number combination to open it. It's a four digit number and you can guess/enter as many times as you like. If nobdy guesses correctly then the two entries with the closest will win.
5. This competition is now open worldwide. Jacque's a girl so she can change her mind and she did:)
6. Finally if you don't win I am sorry, but all is not lost, Jacque is offering a fabulous free perfume value $7 with any purchase over $15 or more. When checking out, add KBlog Reader in the notes so that Jacque knows to include your free perfume oil and also which scent you would like.
Good Luck to all who enter and also a huge thanks to Jacque and wish you much success, so ready,set,go!!!!

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