Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yay I got My Birdtable

Almost 2 years ago I asked my DH if he could build me a small birdtable, he replied, "of course sweethheart" and within a couple of days he started. It was coming along nicely and looking good and I was already plannning on where it would sit. Well time passed and I gave up asking when it will be finished.

He cut tiny little tiles for the roof and look it's almost completed. The tiles unfortunatley in the long run were to be the kiss of death to my little table.

Well this is as far as it got, one side with just a couple off tiles to finish!! the otherside half finished, truth be told  I think he got totally bored with cutting all the tiles and it has since sat in the basement till this morning.

The other night our friend  Nicko came up for dinner and he brought me "a bird table" finished, complete, and is now sitting patiently waiting for the birdies! No tiles on the roof but the birds and me don't mind one bit. I think I will put the other one back in the basement for now and see if the elfs might just finish it for me, somehow I know the answer to that one!

Thank you Nicko I love it xx
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