Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vintage Tractor run Caussade France

What a great finale to the kids weekend, as we arrived at Caussaude and were faced with  a  road diversion, there was obviously something going on in the town!!! And of course I had to find out, well it would be rude not to!
After following the  diversion signs to  get to Auty which is the  other side of Caussade, arrived at a junction quick look left and whoo hoo saw what the diversion was all about, vintage tractors and cars were  on parade. By sheer luck a parking space was available and so I grabbed the kids and headed off to watch them all pass.

Poppy was almost asleep and was pretty grouchy by this stage, and as we all ran up to the roundabout (where we were diverted from in the first place). Nothing more to say  except what a great finish to the day,  vintage tractors, cars etc....   Should have heard the squeals the kids were coming out with!!!Wonder what's next on the agenda.....

If you wan to see more  look here where they have a restoration museum

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