Monday, December 12, 2011

Page 25 Third Paragraph

I guess it was my last post that made me think of this idea which is to ask you to pick any book you like and go to page 5 paragraph three (approx) and add that to the ongoing story, well why not it's either that or go and  do something constructive! not a chance it's 18.30pm and I am doing no more and anyway it's playtime.! Ha well if it is anything like my last feeble attempt I managed to get a thunderous 4 comments ( oh to be so popular). So I am going right now to pick the first book that comes to hand and go for it. Be right back


Krishenka said...

Ok I did not know that you had a limit on the size of the paragraph but got this in from Louis de Bernieres "The War of Don Emmanuels Nether Parts":)

John Little said...

Hi Chrissie.
When you go to the linky page to make an entry, it asks for a link. It's not looking for the URL of your blog page, apparently. Can you tell me what they want there? (2nd item on the form).
John Little

Krishenka said...

Hi John

You can add either your shop link or blog there. Look forward to your post.

UnwindRewindPhotography said...

Mr. Carey stood up slowly and shook hands with the little boy. Then on second thoughts he bent down and kissed his forehead. He was a man of somewhat less than average height, inclined to corpulence, with his hair, worn long, arranged over the scalp so as to conceal his baldness. He was clean-shaven. His features were regular, and it was possible to imagine that in his youth he had been good-looking. On his watch-chain he wore a gold cross.

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