Friday, February 3, 2012

Name and Shame "Rings and Things" Ripoff

I am sharing this story written by Mary from ThinguMaBobs to show her my support that stealing from Hand-made artists is not acceptable. If you happen to buy from this company, then read the following and maybe you will think twice. Feel free to share this and you can read more about it, and their history of stealing from hand-made artists, here:

Rings & Things has been a trusted supplier, old-employer and so I thought, sincere friend, for years. In addition to working my tail off for their bottom line, I've bought thousands of dollars worth of supplies there- and sold my leather beading components to them since my products inception in 2007. I was pleased to see Tafuri Tough Leather beading supplies became best selling items for my old comrades.

Recently, this "Buy-Local Buy-Handmade" company exported some of my product concepts, designs and ideas.... to China, adding a new line of leather beading components that look strikingly similar to samples I've personally delivered to their buyers. I'm floored to see my samples become imported knock-offs and can't imagine the impact of this kind of business practice to other hand made sellers and to my own employees. While I was an employee at R&T, I have to admit, I witnessed them doing this same thing to other hand-made artists. I spoke my peace, and trusted that the business practice was something they would not continue. And all has been well for several years. Until today.

While getting ready to place an order, I noticed a new product line- leather cuff blanks and wrap style bracelets- imported from China, and strikingly similar to my own. Even the color names "Scarlet Red and Denim Blue" were once our featured favorites (before etsy search relevancy forced me to change them to "blue and Red". I tried to bring my concerns to their attention, but they've had no response. Zero. Odd, given the 17+ year history of our business relationship.

If you are a hand made maker and supplier of beading components, you may want to do a quick search for your goods on the rings-things website, juuust to be safe.


Coopy said...

One day through absolutely no harm I made a pillow like/similar/same, pick your adjective, of a fellow artisan I have admired for over 10 years. I thought it was beautiful and her work inspires me to be a better crafter. I received some pretty testy emails lit up by one person I later found out. Sadly, I realized after the fact I should have consulted the originator of the pattern or similarity to the pattern to get her feeling firsts.

I ended up pulling it and giving it away to one of my dearest and closest friends with the story I shared with you. I was not being knock off but a an admirer. But, still should have consulted.

What I see happening with out and out right theiving of patterns and MASS MARKETING them is appauling. I had a conscience about ONE item let alone 10,000 of them or more. I feel your upset and you are justified.

Strange isn't it? How some can realize right away while others turn up their noses to it. Hugs to you!

Tafurious said...

<3 Thank you.

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