Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Slight Detour Took me back to the 13th Century

 I decided to visit a friend in lisle-sur-Tarn and she told me the normal route is closed for major repairs and so I had to take a detour and passed this amazing chateau and just had to stop to take a few shots to show you this .

It's a small hamlet close to Rabistans,turning of the main road and drive no more than 200mts  you come across this small  magical woodland on your right with  a large tear drop lake you would almost expect and not be surprised if you saw fairies flitting around, and at this time of year all the rich shades of greens, moss, topiaries and ivy and apart from the birds and frogs both trying to outdo each other there is a wonderful peaceful silence. Look left and you will see this small building that is now just a shell. Perhaps it was a toll house.
Drive another 100mts (Yes,I could have walked but remember I am on my way to visit) and there she is, "Chateau de Gery" not a brillaint picture but big black clouds were loitering with intent

Directly  opposite these gates are two massive trees with the most beautiful old, looks  like a hay cart but check out the girth on the tree to the left  and I don't know what kind of trees they are, something else to find out one day.
OK I am still on my way to see my girlfiend  and have now passed the end of the wall to the chateau and to my left I see what has to be the smallest church I have ever seen just a few metres into the field.
And the big black clouds  did not dissapoint my car had the best wash it's ever had and it was free:) A little more info on the Chateau can be found here if your interested. 9/05/30/chateau-de-saint-gery-ouverture-au-public/


Victoria said...

What an amazing find. Looks like they offer tours, except I couldn't read the language, so not sure. Looks like a lovely way to spend the day. Thanks for sharing.

Chrissie Marshall said...

Yes you can visit and can't belive I have not come across it before but always fun to stumble across if it hadn't been for the road works I would still be in the dark. Will go inside one of these days. Glad you liked it Victoria

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