Monday, May 11, 2015

In Love With May

What's not to love about the month of May? The garden just seems to suddenly burst into life and colour where just a few days ago there were just a few buds to be seen here and there, then boom they are all trying to outdo each other waving at you saying look at me I am back...

You don't need me to tell you what this is
 Black Sambucus with delicious pink flowers
 David Austin Rose
Standard rose is full this year

 Afternoon snooze if I am lucky
 Glass of wine later under the shade perhaps 

 At 10am this morning the temperature was sitting at 25c and now at almost 6pm it is 29.7c in the shade. I spent less than 30 minutes in the garden as it was just way to hot for me to do anything. But despite the heat I love May. Do you have a favourite month?


Mystica said...

Thank you for beautiful pictures

Chrissie Marshall said...

Thank you Mystica never did get the snooze on the hammock.

Mary Lindsay said...

I love your photos and that wee shaded corner is just right for a wee cold drink. Your garden looks really lovely Chrissie.
I think my favourite month is June as it's warmer here, the flowers are bursting out all over and it's when we like to have a wee break away. A wee glass of red for me or if it's too hot for that a nice martini on ice please. xx M

Chrissie Marshall said...

Thanks Mary yes it is coming along but like all gardens takes so much time. I spent 4 hours this morning just weeding and then planting out some delphiniums, love in a mist and some Chinese Forget me not. Well it would be a pleasure to get you any drink you so desire. We could have a good old blether I bet. x

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Thank you for sharing your blooming world with us ~ and that Sambucus is gorgeous!

We're blessed with some cool and cloud cover here in southern New England, so I foresee getting the rest of my summer transplants into the earth. They'll be so happy for it.

Stay cool!

Chrissie Marshall said...

I planted out a few seedlings but then it has turned cold and they are desperate for sun. Never known it to be so cold this time of the year. had to dig out winter jumpers again. Hope you plants are happier than mine.

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