Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Sir, The Art of Writing is not Dead!

If you have not yet come across  the shop of Designer Pens  before then here is a chance to see not only Randy's beautiful handcrafted pens but to hear a little about where he lives and his love of working with wood and  creating his hand crafted pens. Here are a few questions I asked Randy. And  one lucky person will receive a fabulous handcrafted pen from Designer Pens shop value $30 
 "Lemon Lime European Style Pen" pictured above.

  Rules for this give away are at the end of this posting. Good luck.

Why did you choose to make pens out of wood
I went to a woodworking show a few years back in Denver, and there and then I decided that I wanted to work and create with wood. So I set to work on clearing an area at the back of my garage, set up my workbench, arranged my tools and set to my first project which was a, yes you have guessed a pen!

I have always loved wood and here in Colorado springs we are surrounded by Silver Maples, Green ash, Siberian Elms, blue Spruce and white fir.  I could go on to tell you about wood  from around the world  that I also use but I think it would be a very  long story. I try to put as much detail as I can into my descriptions  when listing  pens in my shop of the particular woods I use, so if you would like to learn more just pop in and have read.

What is your favourite wood to work with

I don't think I really have a favourite wood as I love all types. But if I had to choose one it would be the Pink Ivory wood, which is a rare African wood used to make luxury products and grows predominately in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. Pink Ivory is the royal tree of the Zulus and only the royal family were allowed to possess the wood. It has not only a beautiful colour but the grains creates what to me looks like waves.

How long on average does it take you to make a pen

This varies really depending on whether I am working with wood or acrylic the wooden ones can take approximately 1.5 hours and an acrylic could take 2 hours.  I have never actually timed myself from start to finish as I seem to get totally absorbed in what I am doing and I never like to rush.

Do you think the art of handwriting is dying.

I  believe that younger people write less and would say that the Internet is one off the main reasons for the decline, and email is easy and fast, and and easy option for people nowadays.  But  I believe handwriting  will never  truly die as we all have and need the ability to hand write, can you think of the last time that you cherished an email? To receive a hand written letter is still and always will be a thrill for me and I hopefully for many others, and so by continuing to make  my pens I hope that I can encourage people to enjoy the art of handwriting, especially if they are using one of my pens :)

Randy in action

Rules for giveaway.

1. I would love you to follow my blog, this is not compulsory to do so, but would make me smile:)

2. I would love  you to visit Randy's shop and heart your favourite item from his shop.

3. Leave  your name and contact details on your post.

4. Tell me when was the last time you received a hand written letter. (No Fibbing)

5. Tell me when you last wrote a hand written letter. (Even if it was to the milkman)

6. Finally, good luck and hope the winner will use it often and cherish their hand made pen. Thank you so much Randy for your generosity and helping with keeping the art of writing alive.

7. Giveaway will close on the 14th July

I found this beautiful little embroidery piece in a shop  here on Etsy http://www.etsy.graceymay/ and it fits so well with this giveaway. that I just had to add it.


Anonymous said...

nice article!
Garden Leaf Design.etsy

Janet ~ Lola Pink Fabrics said...

I love the Pink Flamingo pen. It would go with all the ones I have in my yard. I live in S. Louisiana. My mom still writes me letters and I am getting ready to write one to my niece. I just RT Randy's Tweet.

H. Tan said...

handmade pens! This is very impressive!!! I would love to join this give away!

my name: huiyitan
contact detail:

I received my last hand written letter in Nov 2009. Hand written letter? oh, this is a good question!!! let me think.....oh, I did hand write a birthday card for my best friend at high school last month, if that counts, my answer is last months. If hand write cards don't count, then over 10 years ago :(

DEBGER said...
Lovely classic style pen.I have not witten a letter in years but receive one every year on my birthday, my mother-in-law still writes to her kids and grandkids a lovely letter and adds it to their birthday card every year without exception, nice thought on her part, something I appreciate and look forward to every year.

Paula said...

Hi there! I am now following you; your blog looks interesting!

I immediately recalled my fave of Randy's Pens when you asked. Although the woods are gorgeous, when I was on his site recently I was struck by the Confetti European Pen. I love all of the colors.

Most recent handwritten letter was in December, from a parishioner at our church who is around 93 years old. She writes handwritten letters for all kinds of things, such as seeing my child's name in the newspaper, etc., and she puts so much thought into the letters; they are really meaningful.

As for me, I wrote a handwritten note to the superintendent of our school system, who approved my daughter's request to go to a high school that is out of our zone (but that all of her peer group is going to - long story). After weeks of bureaucracy and typewritten letters, I thought he deserved my heartfelt (and handwritten) gratitude.

Contact info:
Paula Kiger

Krishenka said...

Thanks so much for some great comments interesting subject, and I have to say my last handwritten was a birthday card to a friend but I filled it full, and I used my favourite pen which is a fountain pen that my mum bought me many years ago and I still treasure ... and use occasionaly:)

Ginger said...

last month I revived a card with a wee bit of words writing on it..

I am following you

MooBeeTees said...

Lovely Blog :) I'm happy to follow.

MooBeeTees said...

So many beautiful pens :) I love the Jarra European-Style Pen. Jarra is such a beautiful wood and one that is very close to my heart being Australian :)

If more people used beautiful pens to write with, rather than disposables, more people would write!

MooBeeTees said...

I think the last time I received a handwritten letter was in 1991 - my grandfather sent me a letter congratulating me on my wedding. I can't recall receiving one since!

MooBeeTees said...

The lst letter I wrote was to my daughter's teacher a fortnight ago - I refuse to email them :)

A lovely giveaway - I might even be inspired to write a few letters!

Krishenka said...

MooBee If this inspires even one person to write a letter by hand that would be a great result. Thanks for your comments.

TotalArtSoul said...

Such a shame people don't hand write letters any more. Great article. :-)

new creationz said...

Firstly, who would NOT want to follow your blog! It is lovely!
What amazing pens too! I have hearted the Bethlehem olive wood pen Just gorgeeous!

I happened to receive a letter last week and replied to it (by paper and pen) straight away. I sponsor a child through an organization called Tearfund and the child and I write to each other regularly!

new creationz said...

Oops forgot to add my contact details

(very excited for this giveaway!)

lolamichele said...

I really love the Black Walnut Hart Double Twist pen. I honestly couldn't tell you when I have received a handwritten letter. :( it has been a long time. I do leave love notes in my husband's lunch from time to time. If I were to win, I would surprise him with the prize.

lola malone

boswife @ gmail . com

The Mayberry Sparrow said...

Hello from a Happy new follower! I'm really glad to have found your blog!

I hearted the rainbow european pen:)
The last time I recieved a hand written letter was two weeks ago. The last time i've written one was yesterday!

londijer said...

Hi Everyone! Wow, lovely article and Randy's work is soothing to the soul! I really can feel and smell these pens in my hands. Beautiful work and really too hard to choose just 1 favorite! As a carver I have much respect for the arts and I know how holding something so special feels! :)
The last hand written letter I received was from my boyfriends mother just after V-day, very special to me, will keep it forever.
The last hand written letter for me was May 15,2010 to a customer, I as you, Chrissie & Randy know the art of writing is not dead! It's is cherished by me and always will be!

I would love to feel this pen in my hands!

You can find me in many places but here's my etsy shop!

Carapace said...

Ooh, I like the Gecko Pen best! Great name, and great colors!

My last handwritten letter was...oooh, a months ago? I really need to answer it! I have a bunch of penpals, I write about once a month. Big long letters. So I need a good pen!:)


peggy aplSEEDS said...

my favorite is the
Fountain Pen Pink Ivory European Style. i regularly write and receive handwritten letters when i trade artist trading cards. the last letter arrived June 3 and i wrote one at around the same time. thanks for the chance to win one of these beautiful pens!


Deb - Two Cheeky Monkeys said...

So many gorgeous pens in Randy's shop! I hearted the Honduran Rosewood European Style Pen (as dspdavey).

The last time I received a handwritten letter was today, in a belated birthday present I received from a very old friend.
And I think the last time I sent a handwritten letter was two weeks ago when I sent a belated birthday present to this same friend - we are born two weeks apart, LOL!

:) Deb
debyeo at hotmail dot com

aj said...

* I follow your blog.

* My favorite item is the Coffee Bean European Style Pen.

* AJ, A_C_E_ at hotmail dot com

* last time I got a handwritten note was last Feb, 2010

* last time I wrote a handwritten note was last, December 2009

I hope I win! ( :

Elena said...

Really want to join, I like writing and I also like strange and unique pen!
My favourite in Rain Forest European Style pen

You can contact me at elena.gora[at]gmail[dot]com

The last time I receveid a letter was a month ago, by my friend Matteo, who don't leave near me.

I wrote a letter two month ago to Matteo, the same who wrote me a month ago :D

P.S. Also following the blog! Greetings fot the original and pretty giveaway ;)

Dovile said...

I hearted the African Blackwood Hart Double Twist Pen, my Etsy name is dova113

I'm a member at a book-swapping site where we swap letters and cards before Christmas, so that was my last time I both wrote and received letters.

Oh, and I'm following your blog:)

spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

khaski said...

I love the 'Pomegranate European-style Pen'- it's gorgeous! My last hand written letter I received was probably around Xmas time, some thank you cards came after all the gift giving was done. I write cards and letters all the time- every time I ship an item out of my etsy store, I enclose a little 'thank you'- adds a personal touch. khaski78 at hotmail dot com.

Wehaf said...

Randy's pens are beautiful; I especially love the Black Walnut Hart Double Twist pen.

The last handwritten letter I received was from my aunt; it came in the mail about a week ago. The last one I sent was to my mother, and I wrote it just two days ago. I am a devotee of old-fashioned correspondence.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Aik said...

I hearted the Fountain Pen - Kingwood European Style. The last handwritten letter I received was from a friend of mine, Melissa. The last one I sent was 2 months ago, to my friend Rebecca.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Gosh great pens! My favourite is the Fountain Pen - Ancient Kauri Wood. Love that one!! I received a had written letter about 2 months ago. And I wrote a hand written letter about 2 months ago also. Who will win one of these wonderful designer pens?!! :)

Christina said...

Christina - - I just received a hand-written letter yesterday (honestly)! Ever so often, as a surprise, my friend Elizabeth sends me a card with a letter in it about her life!

Christina said...

Christina - - Last week I wrote a handwritten letter that I enclosed in a card to my niece Sarah, since she's studying music at the university and now has an apartment!

CinLynn Boutique said...

Hi! Very nice post! I chose a very colorful pen as my favorite.

I got a handwritten letter (in a card) just yesterday from a dear friend!
And, believe it or not, when I sold something yesterday, as always, I include a handwritten thank you to my buyer! So both were yesterday!!

Donna said...

I follow your blog


Donna said...

I love PENS, I use a pen everyday at work, I work at a university. As for when I last received a handwritten note, I received a handwritten thank you note from a faculty member who was thanking me for making her life so pleasant while working here...she has since retired.


Donna said...

As for writing a letter, back in January of this year, when I was selling on e-bay, I would include in my package a handwritten note thanking the person for their purchase. It wasn't a long note, short and sweet but it was handwritten.


Lori Jerome said...

Lori Jerome
Box 1213
Shaunavon, SK
S0N 2M0
Canada or here on etsy ....

The last time I received a handwritten letter........hmmm not even at Christmas so I would have to say about 2 years ago.

I just wrote a handwritten letter last week:)

Moags and Smeet said...

Handwritten letters are pretty rare in my life...I think the last letter was in a get-well card sent to my Grandmother several months ago. She is also the only one who sends me "real" handwritten letters, tucked into notecards, birthday cards and holiday packages. Its is lovely really, and so much more personal than an email.

Laura (Moags)

@ByHandGiveaways said...


love the

My BF and I are long distance. So one of the things we do is write a letter about once a month (last I got was in May and I gave one to him at the end of may too). I LOVE getting letters and writing them to him and I keep them all :) and he keeps mine.

duhnellecarter [at] yahoo . com

smallwordsdesign said...

Lovely work! I follow your blog and my favorite pen is the pink cotton candy pen.

smallwordsdesign [at]

kataay said...

your pens are magnificent!

I love this one:

As for handwritten letters, I received one just last week (before my birthday). I love writing letters by hand so I do get them more often than some people I would imagine! Getting something in the post brightens my day (and I'm 19 so not all hope is lost for young people). Thank-you for the giveaway.


Randy said...

Thanks to everyone four your feedback. It means a great deal to me!

Denise Beverly said... sky pen with clouds beautiful!!!
following blog.

last hand written note received...june first this year.
last one written to my son yesterday morning.

Thea said...

Sweet! I loved the blue European style one! My mom just sent me one about a week ago (we live on different continents). I usually email her back :) I've done some postcard swaps last month, does that count? You can contact me on my blog

Walk in the Woods said...

Randy does some beautiful work, doesn't he? It's a challenge to pick out just one, but the Pink Ivory European Style Fountain Pen is a beauty!

Walk in the Woods said...

I'm not sure when I wrote my last hand written letter ... I wrote a note yesterday though!

I receive a handwritten letter from one of my aunties about once every couple months ... and I'm due ... so I'd say two months ago. :)

Kathy said...

Love, love the green pen listed!!
Wow!! That is such a sad question to even list.
Letter writing used to be so wonderful! I even remember when my husband wrote me one!
The last time I wrote a letter has been since the internet started. But I must say, I do send Birthday cards and thank you notes in the mail! To me that is more personal.

AAngels Heavenly Sense

WindandRain said...

1. I am a blog follower. ^^

2. Ooh, let's see. They're ALL beautiful, but I like the Red River Gum, or Redwood Hart. Ooh, or maybe the Bee's Wing Eucalyptus!

3. Marie Sullins, email is or you can convo me at

4. Wow, the last time I recieved a handwritten letter? Probably 4 or 5 years.

5. Actually, I wrote a letter to my significant other about a year or two ago. I love to write, though.

6. Indeed. Good luck to everyone. :)

Krishenka said...

Thanks so much everyone for your comments and can't wait to see who will win it!

Claire said...

The Silver Bullet pen is my fave of Randys' pens

Claire - Atoxim at gmail dot com

Claire said...

Oh, I'm also following your blog

The last time I received a handwritten letter was from an ex-boyfriend several years ago. Writing was his passion and reading his words is something I miss dearly.

Claire - Atoxim at gmail dot com

Claire said...

The last time I wrote a hand-written letter it took me 2 weeks to write it. It was a letter to give to my Sister-in-law-to-be the morning of her wedding to my Brother. It was so hard to express my feelings and hopes for them I must have re-wrote it over 50 times. Seriously 50 times, you know when you miss-spell or your writing looks scruffy, I always had to start again as I knew she'd keep it.

Krishenka said...

Loving all your comments. I got a letter in the post today a 6 pager whew and as I have just got home I am going to save it till tomorrow if I can!

That70sShoppe said...

Hi. So glad I found this giveaway. His pens are awesome!
1. I'm following your blog
2. Wow, so hard to pick, but being partial to green I'd have to say the rainforest pen.
3. My name is Natalie and I can be contacted through my etsy shop That70sshoppe at
4. Not for a long time, but I received a paper copy of a photo with a handwritten note on it from a lady in her 70s sharing a picture of her daughter and husband on their anniversary.
5. It wasn't really a letter, but I sent a handwritten thank you note for a birthday gift in December. Can't remember the last time I sent an actual letter.
6. Yes, thank you so much for doing this giveaway. I'd love to win! :-)

alamodestuff said...

I'd love to win one of Randy's pens especially for my son who collects pens.

It has been a long time since I've received a handwritten note....over the December holidays most likely.

I still love to write a nice note with a beautiful pen and lovely notecards!

Chris said...

I'm behind a year with writing the only person with whom I still communicate in writing. Except at Christmas, I write on some of the cards I send--fewer each year!

Krishenka said...

Chris leave me a contact address

Jenny Bolech said...

I’m a blog follower and my favorite in randy’s shop is the white chocolate European style pen – I hearted it as JennyBolech!

I honestly can’t remember the last time I received a handwritten letter – I think I got one from a friend last year right before my wedding. I just wrote a letter to one of my friends in town about a month ago!

jenny.maurer84 at gmail dot com

Mignon said...

I already had Randy's shop as favorite! ;) I suppose to pick one.........I choose the teak European style pen.

I penned a birthday card to a friend last week. The last time I received a handwritten note/card/letter was probably about a year ago when I was being thanked for throwing someone a baby shower.

And, I added this sweet little blog to the blogs I follow. Welcome to follow mine back. :0)

Mignon (I can be reached via my inbox on Etsy

Beetle said...

This is a beautiful pen, and, yes, I actually do write hand-written letters since my mom really emphasized this with me while I was growing up. (I send a lot of emails, too, though.) The most recent hand-written letter I sent was to my mother-in-law thanking her for the birthday gift she sent me.

As far as receiving hand-written letters, if you include postcards, I do receive them from time to time. My dad writes me hand-written letters, but I haven't received one in quite some time because I am now living near him and see him regularly.

I hearted this item on Etsy (etsy name is Eleanornellie):

Thank you for this beautiful giveaway. My contact email is thorandellie [at] gmail [dot] com

Krishenka said...

Yay we have a winner picked number 23 so it is drum roll please................ aikychien well done and hope you love your pen. Thanks everyone for entering some great comments

Aik said...

Thanks for choosing me as the winner! And thank you so much for hosting this great giveaway!

AAA_Stripe_Pro (865) 680-9225 said...

If you choose my company,I want my designer pens to read " AAA_Stripe_Pro Parking lot Sealing & Striping Knoxville,Tn. (865)680-9225 "


Chuck Jones :D

Anonymous said...

Maybe you will want to add a facebook icon to your site. Just bookmarked this blog, but I had to complete it manually. Simply my suggestion.

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