Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adventures in the Tarn

Well that's the week over and the kids have all gone home for awhile but they will be back in August to take up their new home less than an hour from me and it is like a dream come true to have two of my four grandchildren finally going to live close by.  We all spent a great week together and had lot's of fun, a few things we got up to.
Running free in the garden was a big factor, playing hide and seek, kids tried the pool but was to cold even in June for them and me I might add, finding wild Girolle mushrooms, which were later cooked  with chicken in a white cream sauce which was delicious. We also  saw several huge grasshoppers which scared the pants of the kids (check the eyes out on the picture) which were not taken home nor cooked I might add. What else, oh yes, we cut potatoes and dipped them in paint and Poppy and Stevie covered themselves with every colour they could come up with.  Watched Peppa Pig  which is Poppy's favourite, well she is only 2 and a bit, and Ben10 for Stevie. So I think I deserve a bit of R & R now and a large drink!

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