Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why Does Poppy always have to be FIRST!!!!!

I bought a witches hat for the kids to play with and little did I know what the result would be, should have known better than to only get one. Four pictures coming up and here's how it went.

Poppy wanted her picture taken wearing the hat  and of course so did Stevie! a tug of war ensued and Poppy won much to her brothers disgust. I am just surprised the hat was not torn into pieces they way they went at it.  I of course just let them get on with it, that's what Nana's do isn't it.!!!

Stevie has to get in there somewhere

Stevie determined to get into all pictures going
Stevie not impressed with waiting for his turn to wear the hat, more like he got told off!!!

I asked Stevie to smile wish I hadn't bothered now
 Next time I will buy two hats, or maybe not!


Junie said...

Happy Halloween !!! How adorable are your grandchildren !!! TWO HATS !!! hope you are well my friend

Krishenka said...

Yes thanks Junie busier than normal with the family here but happy as I can be. hugs to you and happy haloween right back at at you.xx

JudysDesigns said...

Well they are adorable and learning to share is a learned behavior. They are young yet. I know you are enjoying those kids! They make halloween special.

carrad said...

They look great, but they aren't making enough of that lovely hair! xxx

Krishenka said...

Yes I have to say I do love having them close by, as for the hair all I can say is it was very well stuck to the hat!

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