Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chocolate Heaven in The Tarn

Just a 12 minute drive from my house takes me to this beautiful little village called Lisle-sur Tarn where my husband and I lived when we first moved to France, almost 12 years ago.

 Anyway this is home to an amazing chocolate Museum right in the town square. Master chocolatier Michel Thinado-Defos and his wife renovated the building and installed a museum dedicated to chocolate.

Walk in the door and you are immediately hit with the wonderful aroma of  yes of course chocolate, accompanied by delightful chamber music. All you want to do is grab a handful or six of these amazing chololates and go sit comfortably and work your way through them, dark chocolate, white chocolate, pralines, lime, almond,coffee and several hundred more varieties in all shapes and forms.

After being shown around I asked them if I could take a few pictures, but the guide was as stubborn as a

that was just so disappointing as I can’t show you the sculptures, from stunning figuerines, faces, animals and just  utterly amazing works of art. You are given a tasting at the end, and if they had let me take pictures I would have felt more inclined to buy more. I can however understand why they don't, they want you to come and experience it for real, so I can't be too sad they didn't. But oh boy you would be in true Choclate Heaven if they did.

The link below shows you a few more beautiful shots of Lisle-sur- Tarn.
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