Monday, November 22, 2010

Lost Your False Teeth, Breast Implants, Vasectomy Kit...Then

 You might just get them back. Did you know that over 184,000 pieces of lost property each year are left on buses, Tubes, taxis, trains, trams and stations, in London alone.

 If, for example, you happen to have lost your false teeth get in contact with these guys - best to go in person as they won't understand what your saying over the phone!  You could even choose a new pair - chances are you would find something to suit fit! Wheelchairs, now this puzzles me. If you lose your wheelchair how did you manage to get to where you were going without it? Yet they get several handed in each year.

How can any one lose their false arm?, or a14ft boat, park benches and even breast implants!! Wonder how long it took for her to notice she had lost them?
Many people though are lucky and grateful to have their items back, last year 27,000 handbags were handed in and 40% were returned.  This guy was not so lucky as he was loading his mannequins onto a tube, the doors closed before he could get on board and he was left  watching  them disappear, never to be seen again. Where are they now?

You can report a loss here

Photography by James Quinton

How to purchase unclaimed items

Greasbys Auctioneers & Valuers, 211 Longley Rd, SW17 (020 8672 2972/ Tooting Broadway tube. Auctions are held roughly once a month. Check website for details of next sale. Note: London Transport’s items are not distinguished from other sale items.

Just a few more examples of what people are losing. What was the last thing you lost?

False teeth

False eyes
Replacement limbs
Two-and-a-half hundredweight of sultanas/currants
Lawn mower
Chinese typewriter
Breast implants
Four-foot teddy bear
Theatrical coffin
Stuffed eagle
14-foot boat
Divan bed
Outboard motor
Water skis
Park bench
Grandfather clock
Bishop’s crook
Garden slide
Inflatable doll
Jar of bull’s sperm
Urn of ashes
Three dead bats in container
Gas mask
Tibetan bell
Stuffed puffa fish
Vasectomy kit
Harpoon gun
Two human skulls in a bag


Valerie's Essentials said...

Oh MY!! Now I know!-lol

Krishenka said...

Hi Valerie have you ever lost anything like these listed

Aloha Letterpress said...

Unbelievable! Let's bid!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't noticed before in my searches!
Hey im from germany and my english isnt that amazing, but i was able to realize every sentence of your post. Im searching english blogs to make my english better and im very euphoric to eventually find a journal, which speakes clear and organized english that i can translate. Greetz from Germany!

DK said...

Sorry to resurrect something from so long ago, but "Wheelchairs, now this puzzles me. If you lose your wheelchair how did you manage to get to where you were going without it?" really bothers me. Wheelchairs are assistive devices used by people with variously-abled bodies. Sure, many people are permanently dependent upon their wheelchairs for all of their mobility, but there are far more who need them only for certain activities or under certain conditions (e.g. individuals with MS or certain nerve or spinal injuries) such as travel. Also, public transit is notoriously unfriendly for disabled or variously-abled persons despite laws requiring public transit to be accessible to them. Often the allotted wheelchair spots are already taken or it is much simpler and less imposing upon other transit users for those who have the option of utilizing the non-wheelchair spaces by doing so and folding up their chair just like someone with a stroller would fold the stroller.

Krishenka said...

I have often wondered that myself DK. Another of lives mysteries I guess thanks for stopping by

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