Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yip Another Carnival Whoo Hoo

What a fabulous weekend with the grandkids and another carnival to take them to this time in Albi. They wanted to go on the ghost train and I really wish I had snapped a picture of them when they came out, not quite in tears but  bottom lips that you could sit on and what a rotten nana as it made me laugh all the more. They were not happy with me and said I shouldn't have taken them on such a scary ride!!! Naughty Nana.  No point in mentioning that they were the ones who insisted  :)

I was quickly forgiven by buying them a barbe a papa!  and the smiles were back. Kids never hold grudges for long thankfully.

Even more smiles when they went on the cars,especially when Stevie discovered that he could make it go up in the air by pulling the lever back. Huge squeals of pure delight  and smiles that would melt an iceberg  when they went on the bungie bouncy thing.

Over 100 floats and totally amazing themes, plus the sun was playing nicely and gave us a beautiful sunny day.

No smiles when they could not go into the water bubbles though but they got over it.

6 hours later we took home two very tired but happy little people who went to bed and were asleep within minutes,  the big ones I might add were not that far behind them!! zzzzzzzzzzzz

The kids did this painting today and have talked none stop about the carnival, all the colours must have left an impression on them to do this. Love it


Anonymous said...

What a great story and fantastic pictures! can't thank you enough mama for having the kids, they've talked about it lots and had loads of fun, check out their art work today on facebook! terri x

carrad said...

So glad they both enjoyed the day (and nana too!). It looks like such fun. They really do things in style there. Hope all is going well with you. xxx
ps: I see my bag on your chateau pic!

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