Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vintage Linen Eyeglass Case - Tutorial

Where did this come from? Well, all because I lost my hard case for my glasses and for two days had my glasses stuck down my jumper or tangled in my hair and I had enough so decided to make my own. I did and of course wanted to show off how clever I am posted it on FB:))  I had a comment left suggesting I could perhaps add a cord so it could hang round your neck. Not sure if I fancied this idea as I have to say I really dislike these cords you get for hanging your glasses on. I know some people don’t seem to have a problem with them but I think they are really ugly and very annoying to wear, just my opinion of course!

I then received 3 mails asking for the instructions on how to make them, was I flattered yip I was indeed. So here is my version and hope if you do make one or several you will let me have a look.
So to get started you will need to find two pieces of material (Cotton or linen work great) I have used a tea stained vintage linen and a wadding for the lining. But you can decide whether you want it padded or not.

Cut two pieces 20cm x 18cm (8”x7”)

Now if you want to add a trim now the time to add it.(I used a scalloped edged ivory lace) place it on the right side of one piece of material that measures 18cm (7”) and add second piece on top same  size so both right sides are together.
Stitch along this edge and then press flat, open  out and it should look like this and then top stitch along lace.

Now fold the long edges together making sure that your seam lines in the centre match, stitch and  press this seam open.

You should now have a tube, turn the side that you want to be on the inside of the case back over the other piece of material, (the wadding on this one will be on the inside) line up the seams and press.
Now stitch across the end and then do a zig zag or serge the edge to prevent fraying. Should look like this trim the ends as shown.

Now turn so the wadding is now on the inside and it should look like this. You should have a seam running down the back centre.

For this one I added a shell button and made a stem and a few French knots. But you can add whatever takes your fancy.

I also added a split ring either side of the case. I used a linen cord and attached it with a necklace crimp with loop to slip into the ring, now you can hang this round your neck.

Hope all that makes sense. Let me know if it doesn't. Below a few other I have made.


CrippleHorse said...

Great tutorial, can't wait to try it out!!


Krishenkas Treasures said...

Thanks Cripple would love to see it if you make one

Bee's Quality Garments said...

What a great idea and I love the look of the case!

Visit Truck Accident Lawyers Site said...

I will be making this. I really need a eye glasses storage. Thanks a lot for sharing the detailed instruction.

Krishenkas Treasures said...

Would love to see your eye case when it's done

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