Thursday, March 29, 2012

"BRASSIQUE" The Original Online Barterplace

Brassique - Bartering Coveted Things. Buy, Sell, Swap, Share and Promote Delectable and Collectable goods, handmade items and skills in the Original Online Barterplace 

To establish Brassique as the worldwide British Barterplace which allows members to trade in a way they want and at no cost, as part of a characterful online community, within a site and system that benefits all involved!
 Bartering Coveted Things
Brassique defines Coveted things as - Delectables, Handmade items and Skills. Delectables include antiques, vintage items, collectable or generally gorgeous and desirable pieces of clothing, jewellery, accessories, furniture and technological gadgetry - modern or otherwise!
General information
Brassique's economy is one of trading possessions and skills alongside Brassique’s very own barter tokens instead of money. Members use their talents and possessions as a form of currency. By trading the things they no longer need, savvy barterers get the things they want, or reap rewards from the clever and wonderful stuff they can do.
Launch is due early summer 2012 to an initially limited membership of 1000 people. Each and every one of the 1000 members will receive a ‘Founding Coster’ status within the site, including a badge to display on their profile as recognition and thanks for joining us at the start. There will also be special opportunities for those who feel they’d like a more socially active role within the site, for example, an area of expertise, or interest they would be willing to share with others.

There are still Memberships, or Costerships as we like to term them, available from too if you are a Coster at heart! You’ll be taken to Paypal to pay your £5 joining fee, so just to reassure you...if we get taken over by Pirates and don’t make it to our launch (never going to happen) we guarantee you’ll get your fiver back…Coster’s Honour!

I have joined Brassique and just  look  below, just a few delicious goodies that Brassique are planning as giveaways coming soon. I have added all the links so you can go and see if this is for you. And one day we will find out just where the name Brassique came from, I love it! xx

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