Monday, April 16, 2012

Poppy's Time Capsule Buried Today

Poppy watched a kiddies gardening programme today where they buried a time capsule, so of course she wanted to do one too! I found an old tin and she went and collected a few bits, a couple of walnuts, a pine cone, her brothers carJ that she insists he really really does not like anymore, a mirror she doesn’t like anymore, a picture she drew of a castle, an elephant and three marbles and a piece of broken spiro graph. I wonder if in a year’s time she will even remember we did this? well time will tell. So we have buried it in a secret place in the garden that only she and I know of. Now I wonder if I will even  remember to dig it up next year!

For reasons only known to Poppy she has asked me to add everything she has eaten today so here goes. All times are approximate ish times.

8am Breakfast:  Bran cereal where she picked out all the rasins. She does not like them today.
10.30.. snack slice of brown bread with cherry jam
1.00.. Grilled bacon bun with tomato.
2.30..  Four walnuts and an apple
4.00.. Just a few crisps much to her annoyance and told me to buy more for the next time she comes! plus an orange which I had to peel and remove outer and inner skin what a palava
5.00.. Cup of tea
6pm Cauliflower & Stilton quiche with beans followed by a slice of bread and jam and then bread and honey
7.30 warm milk and honey
8.00 Tommy the tractor and then bed:)

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