Friday, May 18, 2012

Dolls Hares Pixies and More

Little Scrap Alice which  I have just discovered through Twitter today and I fell in love and just had to share her beautiful work with you. Click on the link above to see more of her work and feel free to go and visit her page she will be delighted to see you Little Scrap Alice on Facebook
Cloud Dream Doll £40
Named by my daughter when she saw her amazing white, fluffy woolen hair which has a clear thread running through it which catches the light. I have hand sewn 3 soft blue roses and added a trim to finish the look. Her dress is fashioned from a vintage blue and white scarf (which still has the original tiny little tag on it which reads 'rain repellant') I think it just adds a little touch. Hand sewn detail of a feather like braid around top of the dress and a little ribbon choker.
Happy Hare  £35
One of a kind, hand finished up-cycled creation. Heavy cotton cream fabric with a large floral print in shades of sage, dusky pink and duck egg blue. Her full skirt is gathered at the back with a navy ribbon, the waistcoat is made of felted wool and hand stitched with a feature button detail. Facial expression full of character and hand sewn. This magical hare is just waiting for her new adventure. Made to be a keepsake rather than a toy she is not suitable for babies or young children. Approx 48cm (19") long.

Spring Blue Pixie  £20
Up-cycled, one of a kind loveable and soft pixie doll. Body, arms and legs in pale blue cotton with a pink rosebud design on. Hands and feet in gingham cotton. Appliqués face with hand stitched features and hand sewn felt heart on leg. A little ribbon around the neck (which is easily removed for younger children). This unique and adorable pixie is for hugging and will not like being pulled about. Just waiting to be someone's little buddy. Approx 50cm (20") long and 15cm (6") wide.

Little Miss Pastel  £15
One of a kind, hand finished mini ragdol. Made from recycled materials.Face, arms and legs in a pale pink cotton and body, sleeves and skirt in a pretty heavier printed fabric in shades of pink, blue and grey. Her hair is hand stitched and knotted in blue jersey fabric giving her a really quirky and unique style. Finished with a chunky wooden choker of 3 beads and button detail on her ankle. Not suitable for babies or young children she will make someone a wonderful little comanion or unique decor piece.

Approx 36cm 14" long and 5cm 2" wide

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