Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cast Away the Clutter

Saw this fabulous Blythe doll house/storage unit and fell in love with it and the gorgeous little dolls, and now I want to regress back to childhood and have my very own collection. I wont, I know but nothing wrong with dreaming is there? My craft area is just not organised and I seriously need to take some lessons on how to achieve this. I no sooner clear up all my materials and then quicker than you could say Jack Rabbit it's back to square one again grrrr, so this page for me is a good start. If you want to see some more clever and yet simple ideas (none that I would ever have thought of) and yet some are really so obvious, pop over to this great  page  and start right now to cast away the clutter. Right!! Bottom picture is my work area, see what I mean!!!! Watch this space I might just do it and come back and show you.

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