Monday, February 25, 2013

Lacey Vintage Hairband & Flower Tutorial

Thanks for your lovely comments on my lace hairbands and as requested here is how I made mine. 

You will need a 43cm (17") piece of lace for the head band ( if your unsure measure from the base of one ear over the top of your head to the base of the other ear to get an accurate measure) and a 25cm (10") piece of lace for the flower. I used a scalloped edge lace for this one, a piece of round or flat elastic (I prefer round elastic)  13cm (5.1/4")  long, a needle & thread, scissors and a button of your choice. Thats it are you ready...
fold over one edge of the lace as above 
 then fold one edge to the centre

then bring the other edge over the first

insert your elastic and stich 

repeat for the other side, how easy was that? your headband is done but lets add a lace flower
take  the second piece of lace and stitich along the none scalloped edge and gather as tightly as you can and then stitch together to form the flower.
add your button and place flower where you  prefer on the headband

This one I made the same way as the single scallop but used two strips of scalloped lace (just join them together by stitching down the centre line) to give a double scallop, sorry about the lack of head but dont have a spare one around today.

Would love to see yours.
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