Friday, June 28, 2013

Mrs Hopkinson's Elderflower Cordial

My daughter made  elderflower cordial  last week when it was one of these rare sunny days we call summer, and it was deliciously refreshing served ice cold with lemonade and Ice.  I  asked if I could have some more and was told to help myself,  so I opened the fridge and took out the bottle and gave it a shake and then poured into a glass with ice and, ergh it was all thick and gloopy and sweet enough to remove all my teeth, followed with guffaws of laughter from said daughter!!!!  well I never knew that it was mixed with lemonade the first time I thought it just came straight out of the bottle, guess I missed the fact that it is called cordial for a good reason.  So here is the recipe and you can try it for yourselves, just make sure you add the lemonade. Let me know what you think if you try it.. 

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