Tuesday, July 9, 2013

€2 Chair a pot of Paint and a lot of Elbow Grease... Tada

Saw this chair a few weeks ago in a brocante (French Secondhand shop)  and thought to myself how nice it would look if it had a little TLC spent on it, but decided I had enough on my plate for now and anyway I don't need it.  3 times over a period of about a month the chair was still there and waiting for a new home, and I am sure it finally begged me on my last visit (like chairs do) to save it. I was one step ahead though, because unbeknown to me my brain had already decided what I would do with it colour wise but no idea on the seating. The seat is in perfect condition well sprung and very comfy.. bonus!
So I went and asked how much and if it was going to be more than €15 forget it.... €2 later and it was mine, and so I left with a big smile and the chair, well wouldn't you?  It has two castor's on the front, and I don't really see what purpose they serve, and a fabulous carved front panel. After a lot of sanding I gave it two coats  in a mat Linen and used a heavy cotton with blue & white stripes and dotted with  pink peony roses. I didn't have a trim that matched the material  so I decided to make a swag effect round the bottom edge. Turned out pretty well and was fun to do and I made a little lavender sachet out of a scrap that was left over, well I would wouldn't I:) Have you revamped anything lately? would love to see it.

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