Friday, August 30, 2013

Musée de la Mode & Lunch in Albi

I was spoilt rotten yesterday as my girlfriend took me to Albi as a treat for my birthday. Started off with a glass of champagne J  followed by a duck salad which I have to say was fantastic. We then held a mini competition as to who could talk the most and to be fair we both won.

We then walked to the “Musée dela Mode” walking round drinking in the creations of Guy Larroche, Dior, Chanel, pure eye candy. We then popped into the shop and met Monsieur Miraille himself, he was 19 when he started his collection and 30 years on he is as enthusiastic as he was then, and had he been with us at lunch he would have won hands down for talking. Have a look at the website pictures are far better than mine. I have added the facebook page for you if you want to go check it out, he would be delighted to see you. I will certainly be going back and the great thing is he changes the theme each year and it's right on my door step.... lucky me :)

We were so full after lunch that we never got our desert and so Sue happened to mention a place that does wonderful icecreams, slight understatement  Sue... I had the After Eight and Sue had Cherry Amaretto. I could hardly move after that I can tell you.

Now I still have this to open and it is killing me having to wait till tomorrow, wonder what it is? Thank you so much Sue for such a 
fabulous day xxx
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