Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stay-at-Home Mom's Adorable Food Art

Four years ago, a young mother  Samantha Lee couldn't have expected that the adorable food art she was making for her two daughters would, one day, rocket her to fame. With over 312,000 Instagram followers, as well as articles on Today.comDaily Mail and Huffington Post, she's become an inspiration to mothers all around the world that you can get creative without expensive gadgets or tools.
Her passion for food art all came about when she was heavily pregnant with her second daughter, she started her very first Bento making (boxed lunch) in December 2008. It was to let her elder daughter  eat independently after the arrival of her younger sister. Samantha states "I was very lucky and blessed that my creations never failed to impress my daughter and it made her look forward to the next meal. Now, she has her little sister fighting over which character they should get during mealtime. It makes meal time extremely fun."  Here are just a few of her wonderful pop art creations. Samantha's blog

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