Monday, July 7, 2014

Saga Magazine Article on Etsy

Earlier this year myself  Maureen and Karen who  also have shops on Etsy were interviewed by phone for an article published this month by Saga Magazine. We each had to send some of our makes and below are some of the items we chose to send for the publication.
Maureen from The Strandline who creates beautiful pendants and necklaces from sea glass, Karen from Tintabernacle who is a mixed media artist and of course my wee self at KrishenkasTreasures where I help release buttons from dark places.

The article highlights the rise of Etsy, with a turnover of £800 million a year with 36 million buyers and sellers with approx 25 million objects for sale. So as you can imagine we were all thrilled to have been chosen for the Saga Magazine article. Maureen would like to add that although her husband initially helped her with her photos, she takes great pride in taking them all by herself now.

 As a special offer because we are all happy bunnies, we are all going to offer a 10% discount in our shops  using the code "SagaJuly". 




Mary Lindsay said...

Well I never- what a fantastic thing to happen to you three, who wonderful. I will read all this through later and well done once more. Enjoy your fame. xx Mary

Chrissie Marshall said...

Thanks Mary and I am sure it be be the 15 minute rule. Have asked them for a link to the article so if I get it will add to the post xx trust your well my friend?

karen said...

Lovely! Many thanks Chrissie and fingers X'd for good sales!!!

Chrissie Marshall said...

Thanks Karen that would be good :) and my fingers are crossed

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