Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Birthday Swing

Well where has the the time gone?  been a busy few weeks here with birthdays celebrations, and this garden swing was a joint  birthday present from our son & daughter in law, we have talked about having a swing for years so we could sit with a glass of wine in hand and watch the sunsets but  it just never happened, until now. Got to love your thoughtful kids :)

The swing arrived flat packed and  I have to say a total nightmare to put together and took us a good 6 hours just to assemble.  The instructions were nothing short of illegible but we got there in the end. Oh did I mention that we had to treat the wood, then two coats of varnish and also had to create a decking area for it to sit on.  But to be able to sit, swing and watch the sunsets makes it all worth while, with that glass of wine....

Pack of a zillion nuts and bolts
 Lots of cuss words whilst trying to decipher the instructions 
first part of the frame done but had to undo and turn them round as the holes were on the inside not outside. duh!!!

 Varnished and decking done
Early morning
 And fabulous Sunsets.. bliss

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