Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Crafty Men on Etsy

Without the help from the forums on Etsy it is very hard to find shops run by men who make handcrafted items. I requested male Etsy sellers to show me their makes, and although I had a slow response (I don't use Etsy forums often and find that posts can be buried in seconds)  I did have a few guys who did see my post and I was not disappointed with the results..

Clicking the link below  each picture will take you straight to the seller so you can see what other goodies they make. Although photography is not deemed handmade it is still a skillful talent in my opinion and so I decided to include one just because I can :)

A very clever idea and beautifully made

Love the idea off up cycling license plates

Love the rustic look

Who doesn't love a Dream Catcher

Beautifully captured for ever

I had a hard time choosing which picture to show you but this caught my eye, so dramatic.
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