Thursday, June 25, 2015

June and Me

 My Bargain at last weeks car boot sale a Calico creamer and sugar bowl for a mere €3

 I was wearing flip flops in the garden and slipped on a stone and the funniest response I got was from my Scottish friend Mary who posted this comment on my face book wall, it was the best tonic ever and still makes me chuckle.

 "I don’t want to alarm you but what the hell is that poking out of that black bit ? Did I see it winking at me ? Is it an alien simeon that’s latched onto you just as you fell down ? Or maybe it wasn’t a bloody stone after all it, could have been a shape shifter now residing in your would waiting to feed of your blood and drain you to a husk over night.
That said there’s no easy way to say this Chrissie but I think you’re a goner !" 

 Playing with the silk ribbon again this time I tried making a fuchsia and coloured the silk myself with pro marker pens 

 These lilies are like a ray of sunshine

This is one of my favourite shrubs it's a Pineapple Guava or the Latin name for it is Acca Sellowiana. The fruit is edible although I have yet to grow one to try it out

Over 30,000 stitches on this piece of embroidery and it seemed to take forever in fact just over two hours and 13 colour changes on the machine. Amazing detail though

And finally this photo which was taken last week by my girlfriend and photographer Lavada, she managed to create this very atmospheric shot and at the same time made me at 61 look a zillion years younger into the bargain. I wish I could apply photo shop for real....:)

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