Saturday, July 25, 2015

All Decked Out

Well a few of you have been asking where have I been and why no blog posts for it's good to know you miss me and my giveaways too, never fear I have a few coming up soon.

Well we had this ugly gravel  area out from our back door and we decided (well I talked DH into it really) and in our naivety thought it would  take about a month to complete, ha well it has gone on so long now we have forgotten when we started it. (it's best that way I think)

We were either rained off or it got to hot to work, so we ended up playing a  dodge the weather game. 15+ trips to the tip with all the broken concrete and rubble,  drilling holes for 1,500+ screws but we are almost done... so is the decking  :) Just a few more tweaks with repairs to the crepi walls and find some furniture and we might get a chance to sit out and watch a few shooting stars next month.
Happy Weekend 


Mary Mac said...

How Lovely, great place to sit and read or BBQ. Love the area where you planted the tree.

Chrissie Marshall said...

Thank you Mary, the tree is a twisted hazelnut and I had to work round it as I did not want to take it out, that would have felt like murder.

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