Sunday, January 3, 2016

It's a Cover up

I was commissioned to reupholster two vintage piano stools and an old chair, they were not to be painted only the leather to be removed and replaced. I choose a beige and cream toile de Jouy  fabric and then the  search began for a braiding to match. After trying to source locally and failing miserably, I went on line and within less than 30 minutes found the braid which I thought would be a good match. Ordered on the 22nd Dec it was then delivered by the 29th (very impressed) VictorianWardrobe has a fabulous selection of braids.

Whilst waiting for the braid I got cracking on the stools and chair
So many tacks, in fact 110 on this chair

Next job removing the old leather and more tacks

Horse hair and a woven jute seat, but thankfully still in good condition, these tacks were a nightmare to remove and I have the blisters to prove it.
Braid turned out to be a great match

Chairs complete and I decided to make a cushion for the chair.

Delivered them today and client over the moon.


MaryE said...

What a triumph Chrissie, I can understant how happy your client is. Stick your sore fingers in your gub and they'll soon be better. Your bud. Mary

Pinkflorentina said...

What a transformation. Why have dull old leather when you can have beautiful fabric. Great job and well done x

Chrissie Marshall said...

Thank you girls and Mary my one sore finger was well and truly stuck in me gub and is all better now xx

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