Friday, June 17, 2016

Just having a Dawdle round the garden

One of my all time favourtites
Never grown Guara before but love it
Agapanthus looking for the  Sun  (good luck)
Pinapple Guava very beautiful palnt
Another name forgotten  :( and considering the storms we had had over the past few weeks I am surprised there is anything left in the garden,) A friend has just told me the name of the plant which is of course a Gallardia.  


Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Those are such beautiful flowers you have yourself there! I can only imagine how lovely and relaxing a stroll through your garden would be. I love the picture where you can see those fluffy clouds in the background. Very artsy!

MaryE said...

Your garden colour is looking lovely. We have just got back from a weeks break in the Scottish Border town of Melrose and our garden looks so much further on. In one week !

Chrissie Marshall said...

Hi Mary hope you enjoyed Melrose ( Long time no see) we have now gone into full blown summer here, last few weeks very dismal indeed, then bang straight into the 30s+ gosh what a toughy. Weeds did very well

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