Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Half Way through August

I love sitting with a glass of wine and listening to the water fall on the stones
 Second flowering of my only Delphinium, hoping for more next year
Belle du Jour such a lovely sweet scented two tone flower
 Needed to make a curtain to try and keep the heat at bay, worked fine but if windy looks like I have just hung out my washing.
 A new tote for my shop
 A  Holly Blue Butterfly, impossible to catch in flight to show the intense blue
Well this is a fabric that by choice I would never have chosen in a month of Sunday's. My sons choice for his camper.
 And another for the shop, although very tempted to keep just for me
Yes one for me just for a change
 A very long scarf
Penstemon seems to be a dwarf this year, last year it was twice the height, still very pretty.
A very Tweet Apron on it's way to meet it's new owner

And a delicious on the comb chunk of honey from my neighbour. I nearly added have a good weekend and then realised it's only Tuesday.... duh!!! but wishing you a Happy Weekend when it comes. xx

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