Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Read The F.... Manual

Yesterday I saw some key holders posted on a craft group I am in. I had bought the design a few days ago and had not got round to making them. So this morning I went to make them up and to cut a long story short I must have left my brain in the breadbox. The design told you to cut two pieces of fabric 22cm X 12cm so I did, then it told you to fold in half (so I did) then what did I do? I cut them in half again, thought to myself why didn't they just say cut four pieces 11 x 6 anyway I made one up and thought the bottom was really difficult to turn up and as you can see from the pic below what a mess. Later that day I was speaking to a friend who is also a fellow crafter and turns out she had also bought the same design, so I was asking her how she got on with the hemming, if she was next to me I just know her eyebrows would be raised to the max, umm what hemming she asked! several convos later I twigged with a friendly nudge from friend that I was not meant to cut the ruddy fabric in half again as that makes the hem duhhhhhhhh. You live and learn. Oh well tomorrow is another day.... I can hear my DH quoting his favourite expression RTFM....:)

complete bodge

Finally I got it right

Lynne's Key Fobs

Moria's Key Fobs

So there you go so perhaps tomorrow my brain will be reinstated and I will be able to follow  instructions properly:)


Kate Sarsfield said...

You're not the first & you certainly won't be the last! You should have seen what my sister did with her IKEA wardrobe! Muggins here got a frantic call for help & had to take the whole thing apart and start again.

Krishenkas Treasures said...

Oh lordy I feel your pain Kate, bet your sister was grateful for your intervention though. I felt really stupid when I realised my mistake.

Kate Sarsfield said...

Well, lesson learned, eh? Like the time she decided to paint the newly sanded floor & painted herself into a corner! Never did it again!

Krishenkas Treasures said...

hahaha Kate, that's got to be one of the stories that you laugh about years later. Your sister sounds like a danger to herself :)

Kate Sarsfield said...


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