Sunday, September 10, 2017

Beach Thistles (In the Hoop Embroidery)

I wanted to try out some ITH embroidery applique and came across PixieWillowPatterns on Etsy  where I found this lovely  applique design  for Beach Thistles. I made these into lavender sachets but you could make them into hand warmers if filled with crushed walnuts or flax. You can let your imagination go wild re which fabrics to use,  I choose to use wool, muslin, silk and cotton and added a couple of seed pearls on the leaf stems. Really easy to make and a delight to stitch.  


Antonia said...

It's Antonia from Pixie Willow Patterns. I have to say "Wow!". You have really done my patterns justice. The colours and fabrics and just perfect. You have a great eye for design. I will share this blog on my pages and hopefully you can find some more like-minded sewing gurus to exchange ideas with.

Chrissie Marshall said...

So pleased you like them and huge thanks to you for creating such a fabulous design.

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