Thursday, January 18, 2018

Almost time for a Holiday

Happy New Year to you, already we are  half way through January, a  very wet, cold one at that.  Not that I am complaining as anytime I can't get out to the garden I can find plenty to do in my work room (wanted to say studio but that would be a lie and a tad pretentious on my part), it's just a big room filled with all sorts for me to dabble with. 

Heading of to Spain for a month next week and really looking forward to having a break and doing lots of walking, reading, and generally having  time to relax.  Looking through the rental photo's, the main room has a collection of keys displayed on a wall. The house is called "Cortijo Papaico" I googled the name and it looks like Cortijo is (Farmhouse), think I prefer the Spanish version.  I thought it might be a nice gesture to make up a sachet to take to the house and of course added a vintage key.

 My neighbour brought round the above mushrooms called Pied Violet and gave me a recipe, made it up and have to say it went in the bin, the mushrooms tasted and smelled of bark, moss & wood and very strong.  My neighbour was not impressed :( but then she did say it was an acquired taste (and I for one will never aqquire it)..
 Grabbed some scraps and did a mad doodle all over it and then made a journal cover.
 Grabbed some more scraps and thought I would make some ribbon, added the scraps to a muslin back and have have to say it was a fun and interesting project. I had no idea what I was going to do with it.. and then!

 I decided to have a go at free motion stitiching and I used  (yes indeed) the entire length of the scrap ribbon, bit rough but I will certainly try again.
 This is a machine applique of three retro birds and have to say I do love them, you can make them any colour you like. The ones below were custom orders and have flown to their new home.

The other day I had a custom order for 30 sachets made up in a gorgeous toile de Jouy linen for a wedding. 
Have to say I have had a lovely week, I am lucky, I know this.  Maybe while in Spain I will be able to post a few pictures, but me and my phone are not always on speaking terms, but will try all the same.

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Siany said...

it's always good to go about in the nature.. and the mushroom look yummy..

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